Viking V3 cookware

flsandytoesApril 23, 2014

Has anyone got this 3-ply stuff from Viking? I've got a line on a great price for a frypan, but don't want to commit until I know how thick the pan is. Anyone?

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My large roasting pan is from this series. It is made in Indonesia. It functions as I would expect a good, solid roasting pan to function, but, had I known that it was not made in Belgium, I would not have purchased it. Sorry, I have no experience with the other pans in the series. I do have a regular Viking frying pan and I think it is a great piece of kitchen equipment.

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Thanks.I've been waiting over a week to hear from Viking. I can't seem to find any information on these pans. I know they're no longer made and now I'm beginning to think they just didn't sell.

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