knife storage

seattlecookApril 2, 2005

what are the best way to store knives. we are remodeling our kitchen and not sure what to do. i don't really like the old wooden block that we've used but i've also heard its not great to store in a drawer ... any thoughts?


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We have ours on magnetic strips on the side of a cabinet by the sink. We actually built a small nook in the cabinet - a recessed area, deep enough for the strips/knives, covered by a door so it was hidden. I may have pictures in the camera, give me a few days to dig it up!

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I use the magnetic strip also and have always liked it, but in my old 1910 house, the strip doesn't fit flush with the wall the way it should. Therefore, some of the knives aren't as secure as they should be. But, it's just me in the kitchen and I take extra care when I put them on the strip.

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I keep the large knives in a drawer with a knife insert. Then small paring knives go on magnetic strips near the place of useage. I agree that those large counter top blocks take up too much room.

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I have the block that attaches under an upper cabinet and swivels out to move the knives to you. IIRC, Wusthof sells a version of this, but so do others. Magnetic strips inside wood slots. Holds eight knives and a round steel.

The link below shows this knife block.

Here is a link that might be useful: Swiveling under-cab knife block

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I use a magnetic strip mounted in a drawer. In this way, the knives are out of the way yet easily accessible. Also, no guessing which knife you are grabbing, as you can see the entire knife.

If using magnetic strips on a wall, the 'pro' trick is to mount two strips, one above another, generally seperated by an inch or so. In this way, longer knives are supported by two strips.

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I got the idea to use a knife strip from this forum and I just love it. It's so handy to just grab a knife. It also makes it look like I'm a serious cook, lol. I liked it so much I bought a second one and now I put EVERYTHING on it that I use often, from melon baller to can opener.

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I read elsewhere in this forum about a commercial system made by Edlund that stores knives in a slotted holder that is fitted into an opening on a countertop. I am not a fan of magnet strips because the knives become magnetized. The under the counter swivel system is nice; I have a similar unit that is attached to Metro shelveing in my small apt kitchen. Similar unit could be mounted on a wall.

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Anyone know where to get the Edlund system that nancyo ca mentioned above?

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My friend had slots put into the counter when she remodeled -- she says it was the best part of her remodel )

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My knife storage is on a magnetic block that sits on a lazy susan on the counter. I have very little wall space, and putting them in a central location lets me access them wherever I am. I have many different prep areas in my kitchen so this works for me.

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What happens when the knives become magnetized? I can't think of a disadvantage (or advantage) to that. ?

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maybe magnetized knives let you get alien messages through your dental filngs. (sorry)

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DAYENU! dayenu! LOL.

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I too would like to find a replacement for the old countertop wooden block. Takes up too much room, yet they need to be handy. I am also sick of the look. Not modern enough and too much country kitchen looking.

Mom has the magnetic strip and likes it, so maybe that is what I will try next, though I do not like the idea of drilling holes in my backsplash....I also have the wooden drawer insert, which I also like, but have run out of room for that too. I simply MUST stop making those trips to Sur Le Table and Williams-Sonoma, or I'll have to get a bigger house.


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I found the Edlund in countertop block! So cool! Glad I found this before ordering countertop...

Here is a link that might be useful: Edlund in counter block

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