Teflon / Non-Stick for Induction

berobApril 13, 2006

Does tradtional teflon coated non-stick cookware work for induction? I know a magnet needs to stick to it, but I am out of my house for several months while my remodel takes place, and I don't have access to my cookware. Thank you.

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My experience is that most non-stick is not magnetic and therefore not suitable for induction.
All-Clad SS NS will work, and faberware has a line called millenium that works (I can't say I like the NS on it).

I can tell you that circulon, analon, calaphon, tfal, emrilware are some of the non magnetic brands.

I am sure there are others that are magnetic, but you need to test.

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both make nonstick induction frypans. The Bourgeat/Matfer is all aluminum, coated outside and inside with nonstick, and has an induction-capable disc on the bottom.

It very closely resembles the all-aluminum, nonstick outside/inside, non-induction capable Bourgeat frypan - except the induction-capable frypan has, IIRC, a cast stainless handle, and the non-induction frypan has a cast iron handle.

Demeyere makes a traditional disc-bottom SS nonstick frypan.

Neither is cheap, however. Of course, the all-clad is also expensive. Best bet, I think, for the all-clad is either to look for it at a TJ Maxx or Marshall's or such, or to buy a second at outletsonline.com.

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Teddy Lim

Henckels Classic Clad cookware line has a few non stick frying pans and saute pans. I have the 8" frying pan and the 11" saute pan which work very well on both our electric coil range and our stand-alone Sunpentown induction cooktop.

The Henckels line is a tri-ply type: two stainless steel layers sandwiching an aluminum layer.

Here is a link that might be useful: cooking.com link to Henckels Classic Clad Cookware

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The only non-stick that I have is the Farberware Millenium that came with my cooktop. It's a nice pan and I've been meaning to buy an omelet pan from the same line.

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