Spectacular Surprises from Stacy!

lsr2002September 17, 2005

Finally, Max is home with a camera and we are ready to unwrap this array of gifts from Stacy. By now I'm sure she's laughing as I started to arrange the packages in ALPHABETICAL order. Oops, that doesn't seem to be right; maybe I should read the note first! There was a photo of the wrapped gifts spread out so that they spelled Imagination. There was a package of Droste Chocolate Pastilles for us to eat while unwrapping - yum.

Stacys imagination took her and us around the world and back to her home state of New York, and then to more international sites. Her letter was wonderful, describing the travels and what she found.

Now they're in order. There were some letters in the word that had more than one package so we lined them up behind each other.

Brockley is wondering, "Is one for me?' But of course, in fact there were two.

Max helped him open Steak House Bac'n Bac'n Bites and Tastee Cheezies. He loves them both and sends his thanks to you.

Here they are unwrapped, everything arrived in perfect condition.

She started in Indonesia picking up the bamboo and teak coasters and the mortar and pestle. The design of both is so clean and contemporary. There is a large and beautiful square serving plate with a lot of characters on it that mean "Here's to new friendships", accurate translation or not, you have certainly made us feel we are your new friends. Here are more of the Asian treats.

There are spices from India, a packet of Tikka Stir fry sauce for a quick dinner that will be perfect when I come home late but not to tired to make a quick dinner, bamboo shoots, sesame oil, fish sauce, Ting Ting ginger candies that I love, a jar of sliced lemongrass and a Thai cookbook. I've never seen lemongrass in a jar before; I think that is fabulous to have it on hand in the fridge.

The cookbook, "Stylish Thai in Minutes" is wonderful. There are 120 recipes for the "cook with style but not much time" that can be done in under 30 minutes. The photos in it are gorgeous. This is the first page I opened it to: I've leafed through it and I love it. Fresh ingredients for Thai dishes are easily available here but there are no good Thai restaurants (I've never understood that) so this book will get a lot of use.

Back in Europe, there is a wonderful jar of German mustard - I am always drawn to things in wonderful packaging and know I won't be disappointed in the contents of this cute jar.
There is a package of Biscotti from Italy to have with morning coffee.

Returning to New York, Stacy found a number of wonderful things. First is a fabulous bottle of Lamoreax Landing 2002 Ice Wine. I love Ice Wines and know this is a very special treat. To go with it there are some cute napkins proclaiming "Wine drinkers make grape lovers" and a green marble wine coaster/trivet from the Seneca Wine Trail. Also from New York are bottles of Anchor Bar Buffalo Wing Sauce in Origianal and SUICIDAL varieties. If I post one day that I'm making hot wings for dinner and then never come back, you'll know which one I used. I can't wait to try these.There is a jar of Loretto Spaghetti Sauce and a bottle of Loretto Original Dressing, for salads and as a cooling dip for the Suicidal hot wings.

Max is reading the Finger Lakes Wine Gazette and The Times Herald (a local paper from a neighboring city with an article about the company that Stacy's DH works for) as I am typing. I'll be reading them tomorrow.

Stacy, this is truly an amazing package - around the world and back home with you. We love everything and I'll be posting as we enjoy all these wonderful things.

Thank you so very much.


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First of all Brockley is so cute. The whole package is wonderful. Such great choices. How fitting to get a Thai cookbook so you can take advantage of the local thai items.


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Lee...what a beautiful package you received! Enjoy!

Stacy...I didn't know they had a SUICIDAL version of that Anchor Bar wing sauce...or I would've picked up a bottle for James, too! LOL

The Fingerlakes are truly beautiful...my sister actually lived in Penn Yan and had just opened a Dental practice in Canandaigua shortly before she passed. I don't get up that way too much anymore but I certainly have fond memories of that area. Nice bottle of wine, btw, poor 'ol James just got the Goat from me...LOL!


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It's only fitting that Brockley should get his first, so I'm glad things are as they should be.

The cookbook looks great and I really like the black platter. Biscotti is always good and I've had our local ice wine a couple of times, very nice and very special.

Nice "trip", Stacy.


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Stacy, you did good. Great idea for a theme. Looks like Brockley is happy that you remembered him. The Thai Cookbook looks interesting. And how special, a bottle of Ice Wine from the Finger Lakes region. Liquid Gold. Enjoy Lee.


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Very nice package Stacy! I'm sure Lee is really going to enjoy the collection of goodies that you sent. I've never tasted ice wine, I'm curious what I could compare it to. Maybe I'll have to run and get some!! (of course not from the Finger Lakes region). Lee, enjoy it all and share some recipes from the book, we're all waiting on you!
P.S. Brockley is such a cutie-- we had a wonderful standard poodle when our kids were little. A real angel!

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Lee, your Brockley is beautiful and must have been happy that Stacy remembered him.

You'll love the Lamoreax Landing Ice Wine. It's a winner. Also love the marble wine coaster/trivet from Seneca Lake wineries. One of my favorite lakes! Stacy, I can tell you put a lot of thought into this wonderful assortment of goodies for Lee. Enjoy Lee!

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Looks like Brockley "sniffed out" the packages that were for him!

That cookbook really sounds good, we love Thai food.
I just keep looking back at that jar of German mustard. I love that jar.

Stacy you put together a super box. I don't know what ice wine is either, but I am going to find out or try to. It just sounds good.

Lee, enjoy your bounty!

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Stacy, you really put together a nice swap package for Lee! Just a great eclectic assortment! I too love that jar of mustard. The items from NY state look really appetizing too.

What fun you will have practicing your Thai cooking, Lee! I can't wait to hear about that. Enjoy!


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Oh, how I love seeing all those things in one piece - lol! I laughed all right, Lee, but it was at Brockley sniffing out his treats - he is adorable...

An excerpt from the letter I wrote to Lee..."Ice wine is a dessert wine produced from ripe grapes that have been left on the vine and allowed to freeze in the winter cold. The grapes are pressed in such a way that the frozen water remains in the press leaving juice that is highly concentrated in sweetness and acidity." Dessert wine is the key phrase...it is very sweet. Like Ann said liquid gold. Some wineries have taken to freezing the grapes unnaturally, to produce more ice wine, but Lamoreaux Landing does not - they are out there in January picking the frozen grapes. Once Scott suggested ice wine, I was on a mission...

Lee, I was stumped when I first got your name...you just seem so open to anything that it just left it all wide open! We truly had a riot - especially while we were at the cottage at Seneca, sitting around the fire enlisting everyone's help into the places we could visit for each of the letters in imagination and the corresponding items I could try to find...


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Lee, Brockley is so sweet! Great swap items. I know you'll enjoy.
Stacy, You did an excellent job. Lots of terrific goodies.


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Awww sweet doggie.

Lee - what a fun box. I'm so impressed with all the creative, imaginative themes we've seen. This has been a really fun swap. Enjoy all the new goodies.

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Lee, Brockley is very handsome, oh wait, that's Max! Well, Brockley is handsome also. Wonderful package! Thai food is one of my favorites. Enjoy!

Stacy, Great theme! Great box!

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

Stacy, great going, what an awesome box! I love the platter and the Thai cookbook looks great! Looking forward to you posting about Thai cooking, Lee, I recieved a great Thai cookbook from Ellen and I'm still deciding what to try first! Sliced lemongrass in a jar sounds great, never saw that before. Enjoy all the goodies, Lee! Excellent package!


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Fantastic package Stacy!! I don't know where to start, every single thing is great. Lee we'll have to compare notes on the wing sauce. I'm saving mine for a big ball game which I just use as an excuse to have company and eat.

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Oh lucky you--Buffalo wing Sauce & Ice wine---both so unique & great tasting. Love the idea of the "trip" for items-nice idea Stacy--that mustard jar is really nice.


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James, I'll let you know when we try the sauce if you also post when you try it. I think we'll try both at the same time so we can do a proper, scientific taste test! I'm looking forward to it.

I'll also certainly post when we try the ice wine. I'm sure that will be on a weekend when I can do an appropriate dessert - probably something fruity but simple so that the wine is the star.


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