Member's Mark Hard Anodized cookware

jaqlynApril 25, 2005

I want to get my mom a new good set of cookware, but she insists on using nonstick. is Member's Mark Hard Anodized as good as the stainless steel one?

thanks guys!

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That someone who likes hard anodized non-stick, they would be. I'm not a fan of non-stick for everyday cookware, but I do have a few pieces for certain cooking tasks. I use them for eggs and fish, primarily. I prefer stainless, but that's my choice. I have the Sam's Club Member's Mark Tri-Ply Clad and am extremely happy with it. If it's the hard anodized your mom wants and she doesn't want to budge on her decision, then by all means get that for her. It's made by the same company (Tramontina) that makes the stainless all clad from Sam's, so the quality will be good.

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I would also look at the Cuisinart Chef's Classic anodized nonstick. It's $159 for a 12 piece set with free 12 qt. stockpot, and $25 off $159.99 now till 4/30, and free shipping too! The nonstick surface is Quantanium which is very strong! Lifetime warranty too!

Here is a link that might be useful: Chef's Classic anodized nonstick

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FYI...the Member's Mark non-stick is Quantanium, too. The price is $98.86 for the 11-pc. set

Here is a link that might be useful: Member's Mark

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Mrsmarv, they list the coating as "Eclipse nonstick coating" Eclipse isn't as strong or durable and the Quananium which uses a titanium matrix to enmesh the coating.

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My error...a friend purchased the non-stick and that is what she said it is. I didn't look at it when I purchased my stainless set, since it's not something I was inetrested in. My apologies for the erroneous info.

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Sorry blondelle, but the maker of these 2 coatings--WHITFORD--considers ECLIPSE to be their 2nd best coating (rated upper -middle to gourmet grade) and the QUANTANIUM their 3rd best (middle to upper- middle grade) both only surpassed in performance by their EXCALIBUR coating.
Go to WHITFORD's web site for the criteria and ratings, it's very interesing.
This makes the Members Mark set all the more desireable, as I am waffling between it and the Cuisinart Chef's Classic set, which has the quantanium coating. HELP!

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