looking for a GOOD Stainless Steel cookware!

diniegApril 4, 2011

I keep a kosher home and need 2 sets of cookware. I have All-clad for meat section(very happy). I now need a new one for Dairy (pasta, sauces, soup). I do a fair amount of cooking and dont mind spending. I want a great quality and dont want to buy another one for a long time. I have a gas cooktop. Stainless steel is my preference. Please help! there is so much out there.

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Just as mentioned in your previous post, you can't go wrong with the Calphalon tri-ply cookware set. This line is also oven and broiler safe to 700 degrees (glass lids up to 450 degrees). Calphalon tri-ply also carries a lifetime warranty.

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Demeyere is probably the best. I am fond of my Viking, which I suspect is made by Demeyere, as both are from Belgium and very beautifully made.
Here's a link to the Demeyere Atlantis line, one of many:
Here's a link to some of the Viking. I don't recommend purchasing sets; that's just what popped up on searches.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon

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This topic has come up before -- you might do a search.

I have about half a dozen pieces of all-clad, which are my favorite, but this and that for other pieces. If you want more all-clad, but want it to look conspicuously different, so that there's no confusion between milk and meat when a pot happens to be left on the counter, then they do have several options. The MC2 line is brushed alloy on the outside; the Ltd2 is black on the outside; copper core has a copper stripe; and copper is copper.

WRT Calphalon tri-ply -- I have a couple of pieces and I think it's really very good and it's less pricey than all-clad (Chinese manufacture for C, I think). The handles have a different shape than all-clad, and some of the tops are glass, which also helps to distinguish them.

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