Karigraphy- 'thank you' - speechless!

catloverSeptember 14, 2005

DH and I arrived home at about the same time; he was at the a mailbox; as I drove up, he pointed to the BOX on our front steps! Oh my! I said "who is it from?' He said "doesn't say."

I looked and my name was in gorgeous caligraphy. But . . . I said, "it can't be from Karen, she already sent her package". . . But it was from Pa. I was pretty sure she was from Pa. Oh my. . .

And there was clearly the most beautiful name label I have ever seen (I have it) ... before doing anything (I am a delayed gratification person) I checked Karen's info -- sure enough PA!

I really found that exciting because I bonded a lot with the idea of the twins going off to Kindergarten (and memories of my three monster creatures). . . now grown up but never gone.

The box itself was beautiful. I took a picture, but it revealed too much about ourselves for the net. Ask Alison-- my box was a mess.

There was a letter. I knew all that stuff! But wow . . . she sure knew a lot about me! Yikes. I am pretty transparent and Karen really did her research.

Well she is sooo thoughtful and smart and "my goodness" thorough.

Here are my goodies.

The greatest gifts take work. Karen gave me HISTORY. Ok-now I need to learn more about those molten lava cakes and the surprise cheese balls --I have the recipes, but should I use them???

Check out the hand made caligraphy recipe cards. Oh my . . . I better come up with something good! I love irish soda bread --my grandma came here from Ireland in the late 1900's. I am a bakin'.

Take a look at these. From Trax Farms in Finleyville, Pa. (Near Karen's hometown) Fuzzy Navel Jam, Blue Blazes (Blueberry Jalepeno Preserves), and Mango Ginger Chutney. Give me ideas. They sound great and look great. And Pickapeppa Sauce -- Karen already gave me a recipe . . . hers sounds right up DH's alley. thank you.

Fred, Frank, Ginny, and Jezabel know (not that they ever doubted it) that their place in the world is valued.

. I really need help with ideas. This MOOSEWOOD RESTAURANT COOKS at HOME cookbook will make my DIL put me up there (forget DD-who owes me). My tea towels, which match my kitchen perfectly, will take the place of ancient blue towels that don't match. And the green silicone hot spots have been coveted by yours truely. thank you.

I never heard of one until this forum. Now I have one and need it all of the time. Check out the glass of wine that I enjoyed while I enjoyed this perfect swap box.

Thank you. I feel very cared for . . . swap partner. Adele

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Yay! What a wonderful package Adele! (Is that a Colorado columbine on the front of the recipe binder?)

The 'yummie' look wonderful, too. Pickapeppa is great, but the others sound good, too. Fuzzy Navel Jam -- wasn't someone speculating about 'Cosmo' jelly? Must be a trend.

Great job, Karen, and it's sounds like you'll be enjoying some of these for years, Adele!

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Oh, the tea towels are lovely, I really like that color, and the Cooking Forum Cookbook is such a good, creative idea.


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Adele, Nice! We now have matching zesters...I got one today too!
Karen. Just lovely gifts.


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How thoughtful, I love the cooking forum recipe cards and book and the blueberry jalapeno preserves sound good.

Karen, you are so talented.

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Beautiful package! If you don't need those towels I'd be happy to take them off your hands. I'm so impressed with the recipe cards. You'll love that microplane too!
Karen, you are a woman of many talents!

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Adele, I know you are going to love the Moosewood Cookbook. I've been to the restaurant several times. You will wonder how you lived without the Zester. And I love the way you displayed the zester :-) Great job on the hand made items Karen!

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Such a beautiful swap package from talented Karen! I'm coveting that Moosewood cookbook here. Enjoy, Adele!

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What a wonderful and thoughtful swap box! Hey I have a microplane just like that! I've used it more than I thought I ever would - thanks to YOU all.

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What a great box! I love the handmade recipe cards. That is very special.
The tea lights with the pets is cute. I love how you displayed the zester.

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Love this box! The handmade cards are very special. Karen you did good!

Adel, Enjoy! BTW, I love the tile you used for your backsplash!

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What a great idea that recipe book is--and made just for you recipe cards--that's so special. The Moosewood cookbook has lots of great recipes--their soups esp. And welcome to the microplane zesting world! you'll wonder how you lived without one.

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Great package! I also recently acquired a microplane zester and I LOVE it! When I was in NY recently visiting Cornell U with my son, we actually got to eat at Moosewood -- it was yummy veggie! I'm sure you're gonna love that cookbook!

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What wonderful personal items, Karen. You did a wonderful job.

Adele, enjoy all these wonderful treats!!! Please explain, though. You said it couldn't be from Karen, she had already sent her package. Did she? I'm confused...(I know, it doesn't take much...)


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You are not confused Stacy. I am. I thought I knew what was going on in the swaps and I had a senior moment! (not 50 yet, but close). adele

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Karen must have ESP. I just realized Moosewood is located in Ithaca, NY and it opened in 1973. I lived there from 74-75 -- maybe I went there??

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Adele - I'm so glad you are enjoying your swap package!

After we started to get to know each other a bit online I was feeling like I was keeping a BIG secret! he he he

Because you are a newer CF member, but jumped right in as an active participant, I thought you should have your own T&T favorite recipes. In fact, I'm thinking about making a similar binder for myself - you are now officially MUCH more organized than I am.

The photo on the front of the binder is of white columbines I had in my garden prior to putting in a new patio that effected the area where they were. I'd love to find them again to add to the garden. They gained sentimental value after the shootings at the school in Columbine. I've been pondering how to do a calligraphy piece that incorporates that image.

I have no idea what to do with Fuzzy Navel Jam and Blue Blazes preserves and Mango Ginger Chutney - I picked them because they were unique and YOU would have to use your imagination! Of course, the jam and preserves could go right on top of a bagel. The chutney, now that will take imagination although I've eaten it right out of the jar.

Happy zesting and I hope you continue to use and enjoy it all.


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The mango ginger chutney is great mixed in with green beans. I learned that from our Jessica.

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Adele I love both the cookbooks and everything else too. I've seen so many recipes for the Moosewood Restaurant that I'm sure its got to be a great place to eat. Those hand lettered recipe cards should be kept in the family for many generations to come. Be sure and share some recipes!!

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

Graet package, Karen! Can't wait to hear more about the fuzzy navel jam and blue blazes preserves! The recipe book sounds terrific, what a great idea! Enjoy it all, Adele!


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My challenge this weekend is that I am going to use all of the yummies in some way! Will report back. Adele

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What a great swap box! I love the handmade touches. And Blue Blazes sounds interesting...mmm, spicy blueberry.

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The cards are incredible! I would hate to write on them and ruin them! What a lot of time and energy went into that box.

I love the photo of the white columbines. Columbine is our state flower, and of course, the Columbine school thing, well, my nephew graduated from Columbine High this past Spring. (That whole incident was so painful for us.) Anyway, I've never seen white ones. They're BEAUTIFUL!

That chutney would probably go well on pork roasts or chops. Also on any curry dishes as a condiment, like shrimp curry. Yum!


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Marcia - I got the white columbines out of a garden of a friend. She said columbines are notoriously hard to transplant from one garden to another but I gave it a try. It took a few years to get a cluster established.

I think I'll be paying my old friend a visit next spring!


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