Anyone have a Tradewind hood insert liner?

texasgal47November 28, 2012

I'm considering their less expensive 400 Designer series in a 30 inch width. It has baffles which are hard to find at this price point. However, their stainless steel is 24 gauge over galvanized steel vs 22 g. SS for a Fantech insert I'm cosidering. The Fantech has mesh filters. Any help would be appreciated since I'm not a technical person.

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While waiting for a response, I called Trade-wind. Mike, their technical person was helpful and provided info that they use 304 SS which I believe is the recommended cadmium to nickel ratio so the hood shouldn't rust. I was surprised when he informed me that they could manufacture my insert with a 6" vent, rather than their standard 8", at no additional cost to meet my specification.

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Meshes work by direct impingement; baffles by centrifugal impingement. Baffles will continue to work when dirty, while meshes will progressively restrict air flow. Clean meshes, however, should be effective.

Only commercial filters have published performance data (percent of particulates collected as a function of size), in my experience, so it is hard to quantitatively compare performance of two residential designs.


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Trailrunner has a tradewind hood I think and has posted positive reviews here several times.

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Thank you kas and lalitha. Tradewind is still my first choice.

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