all clad lid for 14' wok

cyumickeyApril 18, 2006

Hello, just found this forum. Anyway, we received the 14" stainless wok as a wedding gift but have no lid that ginormous. Does anyone know if all clad even makes a lid that fits? If not, any suggestions on what to use?


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Woks don't need lids.

Oh. You're probably talking about covering it after the cooking's done. Of course. Almost anything will do for that. Many just use aluminum foil.

Oops. You're using your wok for steaming? No opinion.

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all of the above. i've just used aluminum foil, but DH says why don't we have a lid. oh well, I guess I'll just try a restaurant supply or something...

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14" is not large for a wok. You'll want a wok lid about an inch smaller than the wok itself. The best place to look for one is an Asian grocery store. If you don't have one nearby you can order a lid from the Wok Shop in San Francisco.

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Ditto what velodoug said. I just want to add that they sell for about $3.00 in the local Asian groceries - so it's worth the trip if you have one anywhere near you.


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thanks mom suggested that too...

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