Magic Bullett Meal Machine

marie26April 2, 2010

Has anyone purchased this? How do you like it? I like the thought of being able to slice the veggies into a bowl.

The infomercial has me hooked but the reviews online are vey mixed. Of course, infomercials are made to make us want the product.

Would you recommend it?

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I guess the question is how often do you do the tasks that this thing is supposed to make easier? Do you stir fry lots of veggies every night or make apple pie daily? These tasks don't take that long with a knife and a cutting board.

I think it is hype. Unless you run a restaurant or feed 15 kids every day, this is just another appliance taking up room in your pantry. You'll use it too infrequently to justify spending the money, even $100.

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Even if it's hype, I would still like to know if anyone has purchased it and do they like it. I like the way it slices into a bowl and my daughter wants it for a juicer (which we do not own).

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