Pkg. from Deep in the Heart of TEXAS arrives!

kent4489September 14, 2005

Wow, wow, wow...I never expected to receive such wonderful gifts! James, I'm so very, very pleased with everything! Ok, I'll be back soon with desription and pictures. Wow, did I say how thrilled I am with everything? Oh, James, did you wrap all those pretty packages? Nice job and loved the paper. Thank you so much!


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WooHoo Jayne! Were waiting!!

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Alright! Jim represents!
Can't wait to hear more!

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(I'm having picture posting issues and hope these are sized right...if not, sorry!)

OK, I'm back and ready to share my goodies! And what goodies they are! James, I am so pleased with every single thing you sent. In James' letter, he says Jeanne helped some, but that most things had a definite male point of view. Hey, I'm a girlie girl and I think everything is just perfect! And the wrapping paper is just so very pretty...

So, James did themes...4 of them...and had individual notes to describe each group.

Theme 1 (so James, who told you I'm a lush? LOL) I'll be sipping some mighty fine Cosmos. I'm posting two pictures of this group because these jewels deserved their own photo (even though my photography skills don't do justice to these gorgeous Lenox martini glasses, beautiful colors, blue, amethyst, amber and green)

And bar accessories, woo hoo! I love that bar cutting board and have wanted one forever! Perfect for cutting my lemon or lime garnishes. The stainless and black coasters are Perfect. I really needed these. And, I've already made sure the cocktail shaker will work for me. I bought one a few months ago and cannot get the lid's history...this new one is nice!

All those items were a hit with me! But, partner did good! Theme 2... Texas arrives in the Midwest! (Louisiana tagged along) First, the thing I got most excited Apron! I have really wanted one of these so much. But, not just an apron, this beauty was handmade by James' wife, Jeanne. It is just lovely. The fabric is gorgeous, colorful vegetables. Just beautiful! Bet you all are jealous, huh? A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO JEANNE! And the rest of the Texas goodies... 6 wonderful Hot Pepper cloth napkins (James says they're really bandanas but he thought they would make great napkins for a Mexican dinner or picnic. He's right, they're great!) And when I want a change from Cosmos, I'll have the Haak Syrah wine. From Haak Vineyards in James' very own Galveston County, TX. Can't wait to try this! James, did you know I collect cookbooks? Well, these 2 will make a great addition to my Collection... Cordon Bubba, Texas Cuisine and Tex Mex 101, Genuine Tex Mex. YeeHaw! My DH is a picky eater, but Tex Mex is one cuisine he loves. I've already found so many new recipes that I can't wait to try! Speaking of trying things, Steaks were already on the menu for tonight's dinner, so when I opened the "Basic Beef" BBQ rub, I knew I would be opening that right up to use on the's so very good! But, I get to try another Texas BBQ rub...there was also a jar of "the Juicy Pig" rub. I'll be trying that on pork chops very soon! I love that these seasonings are made right in James' town. OK, so as I said, Louisiana came along for the ride that James bought just because he thought it was funny...(not sure how to take that James, but I think you're a real sweet guy, so I'm not taking it seriously *smile*) "Slap Ya Mama" Cajun Seasoning. I think this is going to be really's Certified Cajun and it's recommended for all dishes. Aren't these great?

Theme 3...Gadgets. I don't have a lot of gadgets, but I've yearned for a Microplane grater and now I have one!!! Yippee!!! I know I'm gonna love it! I didn't realize I was in need of a Serrated Peeler, but WOW, am I sold on this! I didn't even know these existed. It's for peeling thin-skinned fruits and veggies like tomatoes and peaches. I used it tonight on a peach and I'll never be without this peeler again. The peach looked perfect. It's really special because James made a trip to Williams-Sonoma in the MALL to get it. So, James, I take it you don't go to the MALL often? LOL

Theme 4...Frankoma! Oh, James, the little pitcher is adorable and the color is perfect. I've heard of Frankoma and really am glad to now know the history of the company. I enjoyed seeing the picture of your collection too...very nice. Thank you, it's lovely.

Well, what do you think, ladies? Wasn't I the lucky one to have James sending my swap gift? James (and Jeanne), I can't thank you enough. I seriously love each and every one of the things you sent. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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Cordon Bubbe? I LOVE it. The little pitcher is great and I like the napkins/bandannas.

We all know that you will get lots of use out of those glasses, although Julie (Sidnee) is actually the designated lush. (sorry, Julie, I couldn't help myself)

What a great swap box.


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Hey my swap buddy did good! Great job, James! I say for the next swap...we get a box from the one we sent to this swap! ;-)

Seriously, well thought out...and I LOVE the glasses! Jeanne is quite the talented young lady as well!

Enjoy, Jayne...and keep us posted on that "Slap ya Mama" seasoning!


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"Slap Ya Mama?" Funny! And what a great gift. Good going, James. The martini glasses are beautiful; the apron is wonderful.
Jayne, kudos on the photos. Your backdrop fabrics and lucite cubes look just like a catalogue!

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Everything sounds wonderful, but that apron is absolutely gorgeous!!! Reminds me of the dress I wore the first time I got married (think early 70s hippie chick).


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I also like the apron, napkins and the microplaner, but those glasses are just beautiful and so is the Frankoma pitcher!

James, you did good!

Jayne, let us know about the "Slap ya momma" seasoning and enjoy your package!

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Ditto everyone else! James you outdid yourself! That pitcher is fabulous and Jeanne did a great job with a fun fabric. Jayne, you have received two gadgets that I love! You'll adore that microplane! Gorgeous glassware too. What a great package!

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Jayne, I'm glad everything got there in one piece. I started with a theme and it turned into a box of stuff and was a lot of fun. I had some help from the swap elf/spy when I got swapper's block, lol, so thanks to Jessy. Hope you have fun with everything!!

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Beautiful glasses! And I love the idea of Cordon Bubba and Slap Ya Mama! What a fun package for you, Jayne! Another great collection of swap items from James, as usual.


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Oh I just love it all! That apron is beautiful! So colorful! I can't wait to hear how the Slap Ya Mama spice is.....what a funny name! hahaha!!

Great Job James!

Lucky lady Jayne! (ha! that sounds like the name of a gambling tour bus)

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James, I always love looking at your packages...such wonderful, personal things. Your wife always helps out with something beautiful and she didn't fail this time either. Love the apron.

I lived in Houston a few years back - the cordon bubba made me laugh...

Jayne, lucky you - what great, great stuff! And I agree on your photos!


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Oh I love this stuff. The apron is beautiful - how thoughtful of your wife to make this. I also love the little pitcher; so pretty!

Jayne - I know you will enjoy all the goodies!

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Jim, I agree with what everyone else is saying! What a wonderful package. The apron is a real beauty! I have that exact microplane and can't imagine what I did for zest before I had it. Frankoma pottery! WOW! I've heard about this pottery...I'm not to far from Galveston County. Pottery is a big weakness of mine.

Jayne your one lucky lady. Enjoy your great box!

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Goodness-what's not to love about that package? I love the "combo" of mini themes James-great idea. Beautiful apron & martini glasses--both works of art.


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Great package!!! Very Texas!

I live in Houston and DH & I recently made a field trip to the Haak Winery -- it's about 40 minutes from our house, and until recently I didn't even know it existed! We got to taste several of their wines which were very nice!

And by the way, I asked. It's pronounced hak. I figured it would be hake or hawk but it's hak. That cork is in my cork board which should be done at the frame shop any day now!

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What do I think? I think that James always sends the most wonderful gifts and this time is no different. What a wonderful box of goodies. I love the themes. The apron is so pretty (Not jealous though because I have one created by Jeanne too. ) and that Frankoma pitcher is too cute. Jayne you are going to love the microplane grater. Have fun and enjoy everything, especially the wine.


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I woke up this morning with a smile on my face, thinking about the wonderful things James sent. I had left everything out so I could look at it all again and smiled over and over as I put things away. Thank you again James, for making my day. I used my new Microplane this evening...WOW, I love it! I wanted one of these for the longest time...I'm so happy to have one.

Annie, yeah, I know, Julie is the designated lush. I'm just a lush by association.

Adrienne, James did do very well. Those glasses are great, aren't they? The colors work perfect in my home.

Pamela, Thanks. I don't know why I was getting blurriness in the pics though. New camera. I think I need to read the manual.

Cindy, That apron is beautiful, isn't it? I've really wanted one, but now this one is too pretty to use. Maybe I'll use it when cooking something that isn't messy. Hey, I want to see a pic of the dress you got married in...vegetables? LOL

Trixie, I'm still in awe at the wonderful package.

Ellen, right, Ditto!

James & Jeanne, It was more than a box of was GREAT stuff! Thanks you Jessy for your input.

Teresa, it is fun. I can't wait to try some of those recipes.

Shaun, James just doesn't sound like the kind of guy the would "slap his Mama", does he? HeeHee...I got a kick out of it.

Stacy, I wonder if we should all start having our hubbies help out when we shop for our swap gifts? :-)

Doris, I am so enjoying these wonderful things.

Karen, Pottery a big weakness for you, huh? I love it too...old Roseville is popular around here and I have a few pieces, but this is my first Frankoma. It's special!

Diane, not a thing not to love, every single thing was perfectly pleasing.

May, Cool, glad to hear your opinion on the wine. Can't wait to see a pic of your finished cork board.

Ann, thanks to you too for setting up the swap and giving my name to James. :-) I'm glad to hear you have one of Jeanne's lovely aprons. I am just so excited about that. I've given up wine (and Cosmos) until I drop a few pounds. That wine will be the one I open when I reach my goal! I'm hoping that will be in a month or so.

Jayne (who is so happy with her first swap...swap virgin no more!)

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I LOVE that apron!! I would buy one...does dw sell them???

And microplanes ROCK!! I absolutely love mine. The guy who invented those is a genius. I use mine a lot, as I have 6 citrus trees.


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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

What a great package, love it all. especially the martini glasses and the apron! Great job, James! Enjoy it, Jayne!


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