Difficulty with dough hook - Delonghi DS7

fierljepperApril 7, 2007

I've got a new Delonghi mixer (burned through two Kitchenaids in the last 10 years) as well have just switched to using only fresh ground whole wheat.

I'm failing at being able to knead well with the dough hook. Everything just clings to the outside of the bowl while the the dough hook spins inside. I coax and prod with rubber spatula, but it just doesn't take and form a nice ball like my bread flour and kitchen would do.

Today I just adjusted my dough hook so it is lower and closer to the bowl, but it didn't appear any different.

My process is toss all ingredients into the bowl, put on dough hook and turn it on. Adjust moisture by adding add'l water or flour.


Any ideas?

I almost went with the Bosch with the different style kneading hooks....would this have been a better choice for me?


Rick in PA

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Do it in two steps;
First add the yeast/oil/sugar to the bowl plus all of the warm water and about 1/4 of the flour and mix to a pancake batter like consistency, about 1 min.
Stop the machine and add all the remaining flour along with all the salt and start mixing again. Whole grain flour can get awfully sticky compared to regular bread flour so you may need to reduce the water a bit or add a bit more flour than you normally would right from the beginning. It's always better to get it right from the beginning because adding water or flour once the dough begins to form a ball just causes it to slide around in the bowl and not get proper kneading.
You can't just take a regular bread flour recipe and substitute whole wheat flour without readjusting the flour amount or the water amount somewhat.

I've made bread dough in both the similar Kenwood and my Bosch and the Bosch is far easier and more thorough but even it will have dough sliding round or sticking if you don't get the proportions correct from the start.

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