Another successful Swap.........

ann_tSeptember 23, 2005

......comes to an end.

Hope you all had fun.

I put together an album of some of the photos. Unfortunately some of the threads had disappeared off the end of the page before I thought to save them.


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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

Thank you, Ann, for organizing another fun swap! You do a fantastic job and it's always a lot of fun to participate! I had an amazing time both sending and recieving! Thanks, again, to Ellen for all the wonderful goodies she sent!


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Ues, yes, Ann, many thanks are due you. It's a lot of work setting up these things and you handle it with such seeming ease and graciousness.

I really appreciate all your effort.

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Ann,I would just like to say how much I appreciate the hard work you do organizing and keeping up with the swaps. I think they are the best part of the forum.
* I would have posted this sooner but my internet connection pooped out Monday while I was still deep in post evacuation stress*

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Yes...thank you so much Ann! I really had a blast participating and hope to do so again in the future!

James, hope everything is ok with you and your wife/family.


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Jim, glad to hear from you - hope all is well.

Ann, thanks again! It was a blast!

I have pics of the package you sent me - if you want I can post them or email them to you, so that they can be added to your album. See, you were too efficient and got it here too soon - my thread was one of the first!!! Let me know.


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Lovely swap photos and the choices are always great. Ann, as always, non-parielle!


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Ann, thank you so much for all the time and effort you put in arranging our fun swaps. It's made the CF a very special place and shown me what wonderful people we have in 'cyberspace'!
I'll send you some of my swap photos to add to your album.
Thanks again!


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You are welcome. And thank you. I enjoy the swaps as much as you all do.

Since this one just ended and we have Thanksgiving (Canada's this weekend) and the American Thanksgiving coming up fast and followed closely by Christmas, I'm thinking that the next swap will probably be at the beginning of the New Year.

Stacy and Ellen, please send me your photos or post them here and I'll save them to the album.


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Ann, I too, want to thank you for a wonderful job on the swap. It was so much fun. You really make things special here.


P.S. I e-mailed some early pics (that had already scrolled off) to you last week. Did you get them?

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James, I'm glad to hear from you, I'm happy that you and your family are safe.

Teresa, thanks again for everything. I especially love the quilting, it's beautiful.

Ann, as usual, the swaps went off without a hitch, thanks to your hard work and organization. It's a darned good thing you enjoy them because I know they are a lot of work.


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I really enjoyed this swap too. Thanks Ann!

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Thanks Ann! This swap was a ton o' fun!

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It was fun! I really had a great time shopping for Barb.

Ann - thanks for all you do. I look forward to the next one.

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So when's the next one?

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Jessy, can't you read? (JUST KIDDING!) Boo Hoo...we have to wait until after the first of the year. I vote for a mini Christmas swap with a short shipping time period! (Tee Hee) But still a regular swap after the first of the year.

(Forgive me...tonight I've been enjoying the wine from my swappie JimTex.)

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Jayne, people on this forum don't know how to do a mini swap. LOL! And they really can't shop in a short period of time either. When we first started with the swaps I think the shopping time was just two or three weeks. Each subsequent swap the shopping time has got progressive longer with this one lasting over two months.


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