flatware recommendation?

kraftdeeApril 24, 2008

Has anyone purchased flatware lately that they are really happy with quality? I'm looking for something that can be used to serve as both everyday and occassion. Or, suggestion for everyday only is fine, too. Thanks

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My Oneida stainless still looks good after over 35 years. The Paul Revere pattern is a simple classic, but they have many nice patterns. I've never needed to buy a newer set because this still looks really good to me. No problems with any of it except for a couple of pieces that battled with the sink disposal accidentally.


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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Ditto. Oneida. I have Louisiana and it still looks good with daily use 25 years from when my mother bought it for me.

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Thanks for the recommendation. I took at the look at the Onieda website and found your patterns had lifetime warranties --no wonder they are in good condition ! Onieda flatware has offers either 25 year warranty or lifetime.
I've narrowed down a few choices and will show DH to make the final choice. Thanks again ! They're beautiful, I can't wait to order a set. :)

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If it is possible for you to do so, I would get to a store and actually hold the silverware in your own hands to see if it feels comfortable and right for you. The sale prices are pretty good on the web site, but I probably would not buy any brand only seen and not felt - so to speak. JMO

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Thanks, Teresa. You make a good point. One we narrow it down I'll figure out where the pattern is sold and then we'll go touch n hold em before making purchase.

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I'll ditto the Oneida Stainless. I have the Paul Revere set also and have used it everyday for 36 years. You also need to hold the silverware in your hands to make sure it's the right weight and shape for you.You won't need a warranty because nothing ever happens to it.

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Sometimes folks don't think about the "heft" of flatware or curved lines of the handles that can feel a little sharp. They just think about the look of the design. Think how often a poor choice is going to bug you every time you sit down to a meal, wash the dishes or load/unload the dishwasher!

I've gone through a number of different sets of china since I got my Oneida Paul Revere in 1969 but never considered looking for a different flatware set.

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Wow! I didn't know Oneida's Paul Revere was that popular. That's what I have also (30 years), and continue to be quite happy with it. About three years ago I bought replacements for some lost pieces, and amazingly in the world where most stuff gets more and more cheaply made, the new Paul Revere was actually slightly heavier than my 30-year-old pieces.

There are places on the web that sell Oneida at good prices. I think I got my replacement pieces at Kaiser Crow "Gatherings", or some such thing.

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The sets of four (4 dinner forks, 4 teaspoons, etc.) on the Oneida web site are a good value I thought. Years ago I wanted to buy a few extra forks and was amazed at how expensive they were! Thank goodness I'm set for the time being.

It's funny, but I think I chose Paul Revere originally because my that's what my best girl friend chose when she got married. I was only 21....what did I know??? LOL!

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I have Onieda Community too--43 years of everyday and even many special dinners. (Sometimes just no time/desire to deal with the silver.) Always looks good. And its well balanced and comfortable.

My Frostfire pattern is discontinued, but no need to replace anything so no problem. Sandy

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I have the Oneida Michelangelo, and I'm a bit sorry. I was in love w/ it over 25 years ago when I got it, but we use it rarely. It just seems too ornate for how we live, which is more casual.

And of course, now my flatware seems smaller and lighter than the oversize pieces people are using. Maybe I will fall in love w/ Michelangelo again, but all in all I wish I had chosen Paul Revere instead.

Actually, I'm thinking about buying Tuscany from Crate & Barrel. Any comments on their quality or design?


Here is a link that might be useful: Tuscany

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Very pretty pattern, Tuscany - it's 18/10 which is a good quality, and description says it is "weighty" which sounds good. Guess I would take a chance on it if I could return it with no hassles. Looks good to me!

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Thanks teresa, it looks and feels good in person too. I just didn't have any info about their long-term quality, but as you said the return policy makes it a good deal. Also, they don't charge tax for out of state (no C&B in my state).


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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I wouldn't buy it because you won't be able to add to the pattern if you need to. There are so many flatware manufacturer's that have great quality and long lasting durability that I would look around more. I have a feeling that crate and barrel is popular because most of us get their catalogs and they seem cool. But I would check out super silverstore first.
But hey, if you like it and don't want to put a lot of effort into looking for something that's "perfect" go for it!
Sometimes I buy stuff just because it's easy.

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