Stir Fry in Lodge cast iron pan (not their wok)?

anitadehoffApril 9, 2010


Was wondering if you ever stir fry in one of their skillets, chicken fryers or dutch ovens. Any suggestions on what to buy? I currently have a 9" Le Creuset skillet and a 10" All Clad fry pan. Not too happy with them for this type of job, too small, too much fond (fond, who am I kidding, burnt on stuff). Also have a ceramic cooktop, largest burner is 8.625" in diameter. Any advice would be appreciated.


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Almost all my cookware is Lodge cast iron. It works great, you just have to remember to clean it up right after cooking. I don't stir fry very often, but I have few times and it was no problem in the 6 qt. dutch oven. It makes great French onion soup too! The real trick is to season the metal properly and then you won't have a problem with food sticking or burning on. They handle heat so well, I have actually forgotten things that were cooking on the stove and found that they did just fine. I have the 10 and 12 inch skillets and the 6 qt. dutch oven, they all work great and no worries about teflon or aluminum. Just remember not to use soap on them and to wash them while they are hot.

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I too have done stir fry in my CI 6 qt dutch oven with good results.

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My cast iron pan is some no-name "made in Taiwan" five-dollar flea market find. It is great for high-heat frying. I still prefer to stir fry in a wok, but the cast iron pan works just fine. Clean-up is a breeze with both - just use a stiff brush and hot running water, then put back on the flame to dry and wipe lightly with oil before putting away. I, too, find that high-heat frying with the stainless steel pan makes for harder clean-up. I sort of wish I had a nicer cast iron pan, but I've become sort of attached to this crusty old one.

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Stir fry is most successful in a wok because of the small are not really stir frying in a frying pan...just frying on high heat...
If you are looking to buy a pan tos tir fry in...I recommend a wok.

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Lodge makes a cast iron chefs pan. It's a skillet with rounded sides. I love it for stir frying as the rounded sides facilitate rapid stirring. It's a very versatile pan.

The nice thing about the Lodge skillets is that they can be used to bake bisquits in, cornbread, grilled cheese etc., although a straight sided one might work better for the biscuits and cornbread.

I have their wok as well, but it's packed away until our house is done. My last gas range wasn't suitable for the narrow bottom of the wok, as per manufacturer. If you really want the wok, check to be sure you can use it on your range. You can always use it over a campfire:))

johnliu, you need a Lodge cast iron fry pan. You'd love it.


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The Lodge wok would be ideal, but if you want something smaller, the Lodge Pro Logic 12 inch skillet has sloped sides and I've used it before for small stir fry jobs.

If you're interested, check out my cast iron cooking blog at

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