Hard anodized not made in China.

marys1000April 22, 2008

Well I finally ordered by first ss fry pan from Demeyere a few weeks ago. Hasn't gotten here yet.

Meanwhile I want to replace the Anolon Titanium 8" with another. Love it, think its held up well. But when I went to the Anolon site it doesn't seem like the make the Titanium anymore, even though you can still buy it on Amazon? (seems weird).

Anyway that got me to thinking, I am a little more sensitive to where things are made now for several reasons. I could not find where Anolong products, any of them were made.

So...in looking for hard anodized - what are some good quality brands that are - specifically hard anodized interiors - that are made in the U.S. (All-Clad doesn't say what their interiors are, probably regular PFTE?, since they do brag about the hard anodized exeterior on the one line) or Europe?



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Anolon is made in Thailand. Titanium has been discontinued. If you are looking for a replacement to Titanium, the only US made option with the same material and construction would be Calphalon One Nonstick. (Make sure it's Calphalon One) A European option may be Scanpan or Berndes. These are both cast aluminum as opposed to hard anodized, but are both well made with a high quality nonstick.
Don't get too caught up in PTFE. PTFE is an inert material, it's harmless. It's the PFOA that's used to make PTFE coatings that's the concern. Not so much a threat to people, but to the environment when it's released during nonstick production........ but that's another thread entirely. Scanpan has a PFOA free coating if that's important to you. There will be several more that will hit the market this fall from US manufacturers.

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I have heard comments from people who make things that need to be anodized that you can't properly anodize things in the U.S. anymore because of environmental restrictions. So it is quite possible that you can get a better anodized product from China than from the U.S. (if anyone at all still tries to make anodized cookware here).

(I note that this is in the "somewhere I heard" category, so take it with an appropriate grain of salt.)

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Well this was confusing. I went to BBB to look and there were a lot of Calphalon lines. One had hard anodized on the outside and "non-stick" on the inside. The Calphalon One, I think had hard anodized on the outside and just anodized on the inside, basically felt and looked like plain black steel. The guy at the store said it was just stick resistant. They had Anolon Advanced the inside of which looked a quite a bit like the Titanium, mostly different style and handles.
And I take it that All Clad is hard anodized on the outside and PFTE non stick on the inside?

So.... are some of these other options coming from US manufacturers going to be hard anodized inside?

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Thinking about this somemore I guess I was surprised that these lines were making a big deal about the outside being hard anodized. I was/am more concerned about the inside material? I thought hard anodized was supposed to be more durable better non-stick. But now I'm questioning ALL my assumptions. I now also wonder about the environmental impacts. yow.

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Calphalon still anodizes the "One" line of cookware in Ohio. Calphalon One comes in different two versions. One Infused (the line you saw at BBB) and One Nonstick. One Nonstick actually has a 3 coat nonstick applied to the Anodized surface.

An anodized surface is not a nonstick surface by itself. It's actually very porous and needs something to prevent food from sticking.

Another thing to keep in mind regarding anodized cookware. You can not anodize the exterior of a pan or an interior by itself. The entire raw aluminum cooking shell is anodized, which is really nothing more than a thin film of aluminum oxide which is the end result of the anodization process. However that thin film is incredibly strong and hard.

All Clad LTD is the only anodized exterior they produce. The anodized shell is clad to a stainless steel interior. Unless it's EmerilWare Hard Anodized, which is made by All Clad, but that line is made in China so I guess we're back to square one.

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