what to do witha 1-qt. dutch oven

drcindyApril 14, 2005

I just bought this off e-bay, an enameled cast iron piece. BUT, it advertised as a 3.5 qt, which I planned to braise pot roasts, etc. in. Imagine my disappointment when I received it! Anyway, I'm thinking of keeping it because I don't think the person who sold it to me will eat the shipping costs ($10 each way). Any ideas what I can cook in this small vessel?

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You were defrauded if you received something so blatantly NOT what was advertized. The person who sold it to you cheated you and you shouldn't have to pay anything to set it straight. Doesn't e-bay have any recourse for fraud like this? I don't use e-bay but even if I were inclined to I certainly wouldn't if they had no recourse for fraud. I hope you can get your money back because I can't think of any real use for a 1-quart dutch oven.


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I agree with deanb...contact the person who sold it to you on ebay and let them know that the item is not as it was presented. If they do not offer to make restitution, including S&H, let them know that you will contact the "powers that be" on ebay. I would think they have strict guidelines that each member/contributor has to adhere to, and will follow up on the matetr.

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Thanks for the support. I've actually e-mailed the seller, who was extremely apologetic, since he had cut and pasted the description from a former item. He will be having Fed Ex pick it up from me, no charge, and will be refunding me the costs including shipping. Thank goodness there are still people with integrity out there!

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Nicely done...I'm glad it worked out so well for you. Now you can look for a 3 1/2 qt. enamel over cast iron Dutch oven :o) Try TJ Maxx or Marshall's. I got one there for about $50.00 (5/12 qt.). The brand is Komar, is made in France and works as well as Le Creuset. They also carry ones by "the Well Equipped Kitchen" and "Olive & Thyme", which are also very nice.

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Do a search for Staub on qvc.com. A very nice Dutch oven VERY similar to Le Creuset. Staub is a very high end company with similar products to LC. This was especially made for QVC in France. It's 5.5 qts, and under $50!

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