Imaging Italy thanks to Granjan!

KarigraphySeptember 16, 2005

I'm overwhelmed by the "Imagine Italy" swap package that Granjan sent all the way from California. It is filled with Italian treats and other splurges. A few American items, too.

Photos are taken and all I need to do is upload them, hopefully later this evening, to show you the amazing variety.

Thank you, Janet, for the super adventure!


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Can't wait to see what Janet sent you Karen.


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Did the biscotti jar arrive intact? I was really nervous about it's fagility, even more so since getting the beautiful broken bowl from Debbie.

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Janet, the biscotti bowl arrived intact. It is beautiful with the vivid reds, blues, and yellows that match my kitchen decor. It couldn't be nicer.

I've been TRYING to get my photos uploaded but my PC won't connect to the internet for who knows what reason. But my laptop will. ??? I did a virus scan and checked all the settings to no avail. Talk about frustrating. I'll give it another try then upload the description of the swap package with or without photos.

Back to the PC upstairs so I can give a full report of this wonderful package.


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I'm overwhelmed by the swap package from Grandjan who was inspired by her trip to Itlay! We love all things Italian especially because DH is 100% Italian with his ancestors being from northern Italy.

To start, the THREE packages arrived on my doorstep this afternoon, decorated in an "Imagine Italy" theme.

I emptied the boxes of the gifts wrapped in pages from Italian magazines, gift bags from Italy, and pretty pastel tissue and ribbons. Wow and double Wow.

The package smelled wonderful like chocolate and baked goods. She included lots of notes in the gifts to explain what they were and where she found them - some in Italy, some at Trader Joe's (I'm no longer a TJ virgin!), and some at other local stores.

The chocolate scent was coming from a container of Florentine cookies that I opened immediately to enjoy while opening the rest of the items. Delish!

Mostly Italian Foods and Drink - Two types of pasta: Fregola Sarda (Sardinian couscous) and Croxetti (circles of pasta embossed with images of wheat and crests). An assortment of dried mushrooms, Trader Giotto's rosemary crostini crackers, Villa Massa lemoncello cream (yummy), white balsamic vinegar, mini chocolate desserts, and Chili Lemon Pistachios, Carmel Bites from the Low Country, and Confetti candy. There was a sopressata and a peppered salame that DH was eyeballing.

Most beautiful was a large, beautifully painted biscotti jar that fits in our DR/kitchen perfectly which was filled with biscotti - thus the baked good scent that I discovered when opening the box.

Paper Specialities - A calendar of the Italian Lakes, note cards with images from Provence - just perfect, and lovely gift cards and place cards. I'll be planning to use the place cards for the girls' birthday tea in October. There is a bookmark of Michelangelo's David. A Bon Appetit issue on Italian cooking and a Tastes of Italian issue.

Entertaining Items - Curled skewers!!! Wine glass markers!!! An apron with the image of the same David as above (with full frontal nudity!), and wine glass markers and a tube on Ganache for the Lips (lip gloss). Sorry for blurry photo.

There is a package for the girls that is still wrapped. We had parent night at kindergarten so we are planning to open it this afternoon - now that computer glitch is resolved.

I've been nibbling all the delicious goodies and have to admit some of them have disappeared into big and little tummies. I'm loving every bite and will enjoy this package for a long, long time.

Thank you, Janet, for being so thoughtful and generous. I'm dying to dive into the pistashios but my fingers would get too "seasoned" to be able to type.


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What a great package Karen. I love the way Janet even decorated the shipping box. And a nude apron, that's got to be a swap first, lol. The biscotti jar is beautiful and all the great food should keep you happy for a long time. Very nice job Janet!!

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It all looks wonderful. The jar is gorgeous and you certainly have an abundance of taste treats.

It's a really creative and lovely package Janet. I'll bet you can't wait to get back to Italy.


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Actually Dh is talking getting back to France since we haven't been there in years! Maybe this spring. We have just enough miles for a not prime season trip on American.

Glad you liked the package. Tried to combine Italy with some TJ stuff, both their Italian imports and KF faves, since you don't have one nearby. And of course a few things that would be useful for a calligrapher.

So if i post a pic of the apron will I get bounced from the forum? It's not just any nude, it's David! And i love that your husband is Italian, he should look great in it!

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Janet, I think Lars has that "David" apron and has posted a photo before without repercussion, so you should be safe. (grin) Aw, come on.....

Wow, that is some nice swap package and I love the biscotti jar. I'm just waiting to see what is in the girls' package.


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Karen, ooh and aah...wonderful gifts!
Janet, very nice package you put can you go wrong with Italian goodies and TJ stuff.


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Fun package, really well done. BUT...I wanna see the apron too..... can you get your DH to model it?...


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Wow! I feel like I just got back from Italy! Very nice box Janet.

Hey that's a great idea about having your DH model the apron! Now that may be a first! Enjoy your box Karen!

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What a great trip to Italy in a box! That biscotti jar is terrific, and the mulit colored box in the paper section is beautiful, are there note cards inside? Janet, you made a fun box with a great theme--Enjoy it Karen!

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What a wonderful box you put together Janet and so cool to decorate the boxes.

Karen, enjoy your trip to Italy and the good food!

Tell DH we are waiting patiently (well almost) for the pic of him modeling the apron!!!

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Ha ha . . . I'll have to ask DH to pose. I'll have to bribe him with some salame.

The girls have been working on their gift from Janet for the last two days. Soon, we'll have a final product to post.

Thanks again . . . we are enjoying all the treats.


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Magnifico! I love it!

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Dying to see the girls' gift. Great swap!

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Janet, what a wonderful package you put together!!! The biscotti jar is gorgeous - I can see why you were worried about it...

Karen,sounds like you are already enjoying all of this - have fun.


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Love the theme--and that biscotti jar is beautiful!

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Wow. I knew that this was going to be an outstanding swap box. Love that Biscotti Jar.


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Janet, I love theme you chose. I'm sure you had fun choosing all those Italian goodies. The biscotti jar is beautiful! Karen, enjoy!!

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I did what I could to persuade DH to pose with the nude David apron but he just looks at me like a deer in headlights when I mention it. He won't even wear a Halloween costume for fear of looking silly.

I know, he should get over it, but he's too old of a dog to learn new tricks. Plus, he'd hate some client to be doing an internet search and find him "nude." Actually, he could let everyone think the David physique is his own.

I took photos of the girls with their gift. Will post photos later if I don't fall into bed.

We had the croxetti for dinner tonight and it had a very nice texture and the images of wheat and crests stayed on the pasta circles. Everyone in our family really enjoyed them.

More later!


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Here are the pictures of the girls with their gift from Janet.

The first photo is of them holding the gift box. It's a paint-your-own tea set.

first photo

The second photo is of the final painted tea set. They love it.

second photo

Thanks from the girls, too!


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A paint your own tea set? What a great idea for the girls, I'll bet they love it.


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The painted tea set is ALMOST as cute as those girls! Thanks for the pictures. Glad they liked it.

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Karen, your girls are adorable. And I agree that the biscotti jar is stunning! Lucky you for such a fantastic box!!!

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That tea set is fantastic! The cute girls did a great job on it. Where can you get those? Do I have to go to Italy? Of course, if I have to... at least I speak Italian.

Lovely theme and package.


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Yea, the girls had a lot of fun painting and took the job very seriously. I like to see how happy their artwork is at their age. The smiley face plate makes me smile, too. The yellow and black striped cup is supposed to look like a bumble bee.

We are planning a tea party for their birthday in two weeks and the tea set will definitely be put to use!


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