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mqdsaApril 22, 2005

Does anyone have any recommendations for a large food processor/kitchen machine, that includes the capacity to knead dough, grind meat, as well as mix batter?

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Cuisinart....I have the 11 cup model....makes 2 loaves of bread with ease....but you may want a larger one.
I don't recommend any food processor for mixing batter as it doesn't incorporate air into the mix....and it's very easy to over process and develop the gluten making tough cakes....not an issue with bread!

Linda C

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kitchenaid 11 cup... powerful, full set of accessories, easier to clean than others...

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I would go with the first 12 c KA one I posted below, if I had the chance. It has a wider feeding tube than #2, a heavier motor (and the locking mechanism is better than a cuisinart), from what I have heard.

I was given an 11c cuisinart, so I am not complaining, but if something happened to it, I would buy this one...

This one is less $, but with the differences listed above.

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From what I see in the pictures....the feed tubes are the same size in the Kitchen Aid and the Cuisinart.
Amazon has the DLC 14 cuisinart for under $200.
Cuisinart also has the option of buying a imm and a 4 mm slicing blades as well as a fine shredder disc ( great for parmesan and chocolate) and a coarse shredding disc good for potatoes for hash browns, and 2 sizes of juilinne cutting discs.
I have the smaller model and works better than fine for heavy stuff like bread dough.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: cuisinart

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