Help Please! I need a new rolling pin. Any advice or links???

cupofkindnessApril 12, 2005

My wooden pin broke. It was smallish, about 10" plus the handles. I don't use a rolling pin very often. But a fun one might encourage me to make more pies. I also need a pastry blender (looking for all stainless or chrome) since I'm tired of using a fork. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance for your replies. By the way, my kitchen appliances and tile are white or metal, as are most of my tools and gadgets. Thanks again!

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I have used both styles, and I prefer the French-style rolling pin, the one that is just a tapered cylinder, no handles. I feel in more control with this style.

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Thank you for your reply. I've wondered about those type of pins and I appreciate the simplicity of the design. Is a certain thickness of the diameter better for all around basic pastry backing? What do you think of the plastic ones? Thanks again!

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Hi Cindy! I don't anything beats a wooden rolling pin. I like the french ones as well, they're simplicity in motion.
Since you're making pies, a white marble one might be nice for keeping your pastry cold, and it would go with your kitchen. The thing about those is that they're heavy, which you could look at as doing some of the work for you, OR too heavy to handle. (I guess it depends on where you are in your life at the moment!)

Rolling pins are a very personal choice, aren't they?

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Claire! Thanks for your thoughts. You're right, a marble one would be heavy since my children make pastry too. I just bought a solid rock maple wooden french rolling pin from Sur La Table. It was $12.95 and is about 20" long. It's so beautifully made. I'll let you know how it works! I got a nice stainless steel pastry blender too. Thanks again for your recommendations.

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