2 things: non-China ceramics and Flour etc. canisters

marys1000April 10, 2010

I'm searching for recommendations on canisters for flour and sugar. I have been looking for something that you can dip a measuring cup into easily so i.e. a wide top especially for flour and also sugar. I am trying to stay away from made in China. Light would be nice but that would probably mean plastic. Willing to look for older items on ebay if necessary.

Do you have something you love?

Also - I know about Denby for pottery/ceramic dishes that are not made in China (pretty sure anyway)and most of Fiesta. Any other recommendations for casual, rustic looking dishes, bowls, serving bowls etc.?


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I use big, heavy glass apothecary jars for my flour and sugar. They each hold ten pounds. I have an old-fashioned kitchen, so they fit right in and are practical too. I never have to peek inside to see if I need to fill them. I keep a metal scoop in each one, and yes....a measuring cup fits right in them easily.

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Calliope - I would prefer something smaller. Do they make them smaller and where do you get them?

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Yes, they're made in all sizes. I think I paid five dollars apiece for mine at a job lot store. Most anyplace who sells kitchen ware has large glass jars. You just don't notice it because you are thinking ceramic. As soon as I saw these, I thought of flour and sugar and then got a smaller one for coffee.

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I use a large Tupperware container that holds about 6 pounds of flour and another one that holds a little more than a pound of sugar. I have used them for 30 years and do not get any ants or weevils because the lids fit so tightly. I store them in my pantry as they are not decorative, just utilitarian.

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Yea I'm looking for utilitarian too but I'm trying to stay away from plastic and ceramic made in china. I do use plastic all the time, just trying to use something else if I have choice.

On eBay they have those old spun aluminum canisters. I've been wondering how well they seal. There's an auction now for a set that's brand new never out of the box. Sort of ugly but they aren't for the counter. Wish I new more about them.

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But I'm not that near an Ikea and they aren't available on line!

Droppar jar with lid

Here is a link that might be useful: 7

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