LeCreuset cookware?

phoggieApril 13, 2012


I have been told that my LeCreuset cookware will hold too much heat for an electric stove/cooktop because it will crack. True or not?

I need to know ASAP because I am having a sale and need to know if I should sell it or keep it.


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Never heard that before. I've used mine (dutch oven) on gas, electric coil and electric glass top. Not had a problem.

I would hold on to it. Sell it if it doesn't work at your new place. But doubtful.


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Not true at my house, I have the glass smooth cooktop by Kitchen Aid.

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From a physics standpoint, I don't think the amount of heat an object will hold depends on what's heating it, but rather how it heats up would.

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I hope you kept your LeCreuset! I love mine (inherited from my Mom in 2004) ... they're still going strong! We down-sized to a house with an electric stove three years ago ... no cracks ... no problems.

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