First time ceramic stove top, do's/dont's?

engy2012April 7, 2013

Hello all, first time posting here.

I just moved into a place that has an electric glass ceramic stove top. I've always lived in a place that has gas stove top with grates.

So what are some tips on how to maintain it, and what cookware should I use?
I already see that the stove top has scratches on it from previous owners, so I don't want to do any further damage.
I currently use All Clad stainless, Calphalon Unison nonstick for majority of my cookware. I'm currently thinking of buying a cast iron griddle/grill (one that takes up 2 burners), would that be okay?
Thanks everyone, just wondering what are some good tips for a ceramic stove top.

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I use Cerama Bryte cooktop cleaner. It works really well. I use all kinds of cookware but mostly Green Pans and they work well.

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And check the Appliances Forum and the Cooking forum. Both have a lot more traffic than this one.

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