Have All Clad handles changed?

antiquesilverApril 24, 2008

Recently, I bought a 2 qt sauce pan on the internet & the handle seems to be angled higher than my other AC sauce pans. I went in Wms Sonoma yesterday & checked theirs - some, but not all, of their sauce pan handles seemed to be higher too. I know the LTD2 & Coppercore have a new handle with a hole near the pan, but mine are MC2 & SS.

I know the French skillets have a steeply angled handle compared to the rest of the skillets & saute pans, but I thought that was part of the pan's individual design? Has anyone else noticed this?

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I got my pans in November of last year; two of them Fr skillets, two saute pans, and three saucepans (and a stockpot). I know the Fr skillets have steeper angled handles than the other long handled pans, but don't know how the other pans' handles compare to older or newer ones available through various retailers.

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I'm fairly certain that I'm not hallucinating - you'll note that I didn't say 100% certain!
This is a photo & the aluminum exterior pan is the one that I just bought; I've had the others for several years.

I think this one shows the steeper angle even more:

I've read on this forum how a lot of people don't care for AC's handles & I could never understand their problem. Now I see. IMO unless you're very tall, a medium size or larger pan with this handle will put your wrist at a not-so-comfortable angle.

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Prior to my November purchases, I'd never owned or even handled (no pun intended!) A-C pots and pans. I only started checking them out shortly before then, while trying to decide which new pans to get to use on my Wolf range (my Farberware/Reverware stuff scorched too much on the higher output burners).

I only noticed the handle angle on the Fr skillets, after I'd purchased and started using them. I wasn't even aware that there was a difference in the handles (bet them and the frying pans). I'll have to check out the handle angles on my saucepans and saute pans, and see if they have varying or the same handle angle(s).

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