15"-wide stainless wine fridge recommendations?

mcfromctNovember 24, 2012

Can anyone recommend a 15" slide-in stainless wine fridge? We do not need one larger than that. Some reviews say they are loud so that's something I would like to stay away from. Thanks!

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The sound from my Perlick Signature 15-inch wine reserve is almost imperceptible (at least with a functioning fan-cooled computer tower in the same room).


o Nice stainless steel inside and out (the racks are black).
o Keeps constant temperature.
o Holds 20 bottles in five racks.
o Can be built-in (accepts wood panel on door, also there is a glass door option).
o Door can be ordered opening either right or left.
o (With a few hinge parts, door can be changed to open in the other direction if the need occurs.)
o Beyond a certain amount of opening, the door stays open; when partly closed, the door closes the rest of the way.
o Customer service is responsive.


o Cost is high
o Rear levelers can only be adjusted with access to the rear, making leveling in a cabinet space on irregular floors a somewhat tedious pull, adjust, push, measure exercise. (A system like SubZero uses would have been helpful.)
o Door should be removed along with the racks for initial positioning and leveling to minimize moving weight and potential damage.
o At the time I installed mine, I could see that the installation manual could have used some professional help in its writing.

Note 1: When mixed into a series of floor cabinets, the cabinets must be properly perpendicular to their line of faces (not racked and not skewed to the wall) in order for the unit to align the door panel correctly with the other doors and provide clearance for the door to open.

Note 2: Wine rack gliders are not the same as refrigerator rack gliders, so if both are present with a set of units, do not mix them up when removed. They almost work, so it is difficult at first to see why the nice glide has gone.


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Bumping to see if there's more out there!

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