Using a Salad spinner to get grease off hamburger?

littleprincessApril 4, 2008

Has anyone else used a salad spinner to get the grease off cooked hamburger? Is it worth the space the spinner takes up for this task? Does it make the spinner (Everyone I have seen is plastic) all icky and hard to clean?

Does it get more grease off than spooning it off with a spoon?

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I would imagine that a spinner would result in the smaller pieces of hamburger getting spun out with the grease.

I just put something small under one side of the pan and then move the hamburger to the higher side and let it drain.

If that were not enough, I imagine a next step would be to put it in a sieve or on some paper towel.

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If you really want to get grease out of hamburger, brown it then add water and bring it to a boil and then just strain it.
A Salad spinner would be the hard way to do it.
Linda C

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Maybe buy leaner hamburger meat? I switched to grass fed "93%". Little grease and my guests and family like it better.

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Several ways:

Line a strainer with paper towels, & let browned meat drain in there for a few minutes.

If you are cooking hamburger for casseroles or soups, put the raw hamburger in the pasta insert section of a pasta cooker, and steam over an inch of boiling water for about 10 minutes, breaking the meat up into smaller bits every so often. The grease will drip out into the water. Putting a heaping cup of cooked hamburger into a freezer bag & freezing is the equivalent of a pound of raw meat; this is an easy way to have it on hand for quick meal prep.

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Also, I drain it in a colander over a bunch of paper garbage so as to not clog up my sink. You may possibly lose a teaspoon of small meat particles-worht it for me.

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If I'm using ground beef for soups or pasta sauce, I sometimes "degrease" it by partially cooking it in a plastic seive over a bowl in the microwave. Not only grease, but lots of water, which many butchers use to "bulk up" the product is released. I can brown it the rest of the way in a pan.

Of course, now some of our friends are cautioning against using any plastics in the mw for health reasons, or even using that appliance at all.....

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Ditto to LindaC's post. The boiling water combined with straining will remove more grease than other methods. And the hamburger is still chunky.

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I don't use my salad spinner for anything but to dry my lettuce but I love it. I bought mine at Walmart for about $3. Granted it is not very pretty but it works and then I just take it apart and place it on the top shelf of the dishwasher and it is clean. I would think you would lose a lot of the hamburger meat using a salad spinner though and hot grease would get everywhere. I just pat my hamburger meat down with a paper towel or two till it does not absorb anymore.

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I have it, use the Wonder Pour kitchen spout. It was MADE to strain the grease off fried up hamburger and bacon. You can easily pour it into a container for proper disposal. It also pours cupcakes, soup no more mess!

Here is a link that might be useful: WonderPour Silicone Kitchen Spout

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