Thanks Lori!! What a wonderful package

sidneeSeptember 22, 2005


What a wonderful swap package. You have no idea how this package has brightened my day....actually brightened my month.

You all know I have "issues" posting pics, I am hoping the pics work, if not I am sure I can get Jayne to help.

Here is what I got in my package. A huge bowl with peppers on the outside, a very tuscany/rusty color inside, two dish clothes that match my curtains perfectly, a set of placemats that match the curtains to a T. A bread basket with a warming brick to keep bread warm (I live for bread), a set of 4 bottles for storing flavored oils and such, I love them, another oil bottle with a Tuscan style painting on it, four ramekins (you can never have too many) A cheese board (for my other weakness) an adjustable measuring spoon, a cake/pie spatula, wooden spoons and tongs, a Kitchen Aid silicone grabber, tuscan style napkins. I also got a grape colored apron with Sidnee embroideried on it, Bichon Frise wine glass markers and a Bichon Frise wine stopper, Bichon Frise magnetic notepad and lots of doggie treats. Here is the link, I hope.

Ugh! Why do they always turn out so big? LOL

I havn't posted much in the past couple of weeks for fear that I would be a downer to my friends here, I could really use some good thoughts. I am fighting common variable immune deficiency (not HIV)it is not contagious it is hereditary most likely, basically my body does not make immunoglobulins and I am unable to fight infection, I have started getting gamma globulin via IV. (I was getting shots once a month, but my levels continued to decline). Gamma globulin is derived from blood, so if any one is inclined, please feel free to donate blood, there are shortages due to the war, Katrina and with the newest hurricane Rita. I have been told it takes aproximately 70,000 blood donation to make enough gamma globulin for one infusion.

This past Friday Ken and I lost Sidnee. He would have been 17 years old next month, he has been part of our family since he was 6 weeks old. He was truly the heartbeat at my feet, my constant companion. I miss him terribly.

Lori, thank you so much for a wonderful swap package. You have no idea how much I appreciate the time and effort you have put into this package. You let your imagination run wild with the Tuscan theme. I love it!

Hugs to you all,


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Oh, Julie, I'm so sad for you, losing Sidnee has to be so hard.

That's a great swap box, though, I love the napkins and the bowl and that looks like a great wooden spoon.

Enjoy all your goodies and I do hope your new treatments have you feeling up and at 'em again soon. I just gave blood a couple of weeks ago and my "waiting period" isn't up, but I'll give just for you the next time. It'll be a red letter day, I'll get my 2nd "gallon" sticker!

Hugs to you, and kisses from the WonderWeiner.


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Oh Julie, I'm so very, very sorry to hear about your loss. I know he was very special in your life and when we're feeling poorly, pets help lift our spirits. My parents had Bichon they were crazy about and I know how special they are.

I'm glad to see your received an awesome swap gift to boost your sprit. Everything is great and I know you'll enjoy it all.

I can't give blood, but I hope you'll be feeling chipper soon with the new treatment.

Lots of >>>>


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Julie, I know this package came at a good time. Great gifts, by the way. (Check your photo hosting site and see if it allows you to resize your pic.)
Lori, Very nice choices you made. Good job!


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What lovely things! This gift must've really touched your heart. When you wear the Sidnee apron, you'll think of all the times he sat at your feet while you cooked, just hoping you would drop something.

I'll bet he had a great life. I'm sorry for your loss.

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Julie, I'm so sorry to hear about your Sidnee. I hope the Bichon things help to bring you good memories.

I was worried about the package getting there safely. I was also SO stressed because I forgot to enclose the note with it!!! It's been driving me crazy knowing you'd get the package without a note. I was going to e-mail you when I saw you had already received it.

I'm glad you like everything. It was very easy shopping for you and I found we have a lot in common, including the only pet I've ever had ~ a bichon. I know how adorable they are.

I'm heading out of town for a few days, so when I get back I will send the note in an email. I also wanted to let you know that the package was so late because I was still waiting for something else (which hasn't arrived yet), so you still have another little gift on the way.

I wish I could give blood, but I've made Bob promise he will when we return from vacation. Please don't stay from here in fear of being a downer. This is the most upbeat, inspiring, uplifting place I know of on the Net and you are adored here.

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Sidnee, I am very sorry to hear of your loss and the troubles you have been having. I agree with lori though that you should not stay away from here for fear of being a downer. We all have our turn at hard times and it is friends who help to make things easier.

Love the gifts. Nice job Lori. All the Bichon items and the apron are especially meaningful now. I love the ramekins.


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What a swap. I didn't hear downer at all in your message. As for the blood thing -- I think it is real important to say. (I give every 8 weeks:) So I'll cover that for some of the others. Adele

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Nice swap package Lori!!!! Great assortment of interesting things.

Julie, I was just thinking about how you haven't been around much and I have to confess, I was worried about you. Are you doing OK? Please don't stay away just because you 'think' you might be a downer... you aren't and I know that many of us want to be able to give you encouragement whenever you need it. Just do whatever you have to do, to NOT get any infections.

Hang in there kiddo, there's lots of research going on.


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Perfect timing for your swap box - hope it helps ease the pain of losing a dear family member. I'm so sorry about Sidnee.

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Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I do appreciate it.


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Julie, hang in there. I hope this beatiful swap package boosts your spirits.

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Great package. I love those little ramekins. I bet they would be perfect for making chicken pot pies. And the big bowl is really neat too.

You did good Lori.


Julie, I'm sorry for your loss.

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Sorry I'm so late to this one!

Julie, I'm sorry for your loss! I know what it feels like to lose a companion after 17 years.

Great swap box!

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