Looking for 2 qt pan, other cookware questions

littleprincessApril 4, 2008

So when we were married (4 years ago), I had 1 2qt pan I loved. But I used it so much (and my husband used it so much in the first few weeks of marriage) we decided with some of our wedding money to get another 2 qt pan. When we went to Bon-Marche, we ended up with an All Clad Dutch Oven (excellent piece! Gets used a LOT) and a 3 qt pan because we could not find a 2 qt pan.

The 3 qt pan gets used quite a bit... but we are still constantly cleaning out the 2 qt pan to reuse it.

So again I want to try to find a 2nd 2 qt pan.

(The cookware we use regularly are our cast iron skillet, Dutch oven, the 2 qt sauce pan.)

I also need to replace my square (8x8?) Pyrex pan because it got given away in a situation where it was "easy" to get back... but my husband kept forgetting to ask when picking up the baby and enough time has passed I do not want to ask them for it back now! Is there something else I should get instead of Pyrex?

Has anyone used stoneware for anything besides Pizza? I have an opportunity to get quite a bit of stoneware but am nervous about how to store it, weight, cleaning, etc. (I'm not entirely fond of our cast iron skillet, but my husband loves it and with it, he'll do all the tasks about cooking that I really dislike, like browning hamburger meat. So it gets stored on stovetop and we keep it)

Oh and I have a 1 qt Le Crueset casserole dish that I'd like to figure out how to use because I spent nearly $50 for it and haven't used it in over a year. What does one make in such a small dish? I've got two glass casserole dishes at 2 and 2.5 qt that I use a lot. But its heavier, feels more fragile (and is not stored with the other dishes. Hrms)

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Since you appear to be looking for something nice, I highly recommend the Demeyere Atlantis saucepans. I have the 3.2 qt, and love using it. Their 2.3 qt may be just what you're looking for.

Here is a link that might be useful: Atlantis

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Check out this pan. I have the 1 qt and use it everyday. It is heavyweight and I never have a sticking problem with it.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2 qt saucepan

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With regards to Demeyere there will be a price increase on April 16. The referenced link sells at a 10% discount and is adding an 8% discount through, you guessed it, April 15. (Hmmm, it's not clear to me that the price increase is by Demeyere or the vendor. I suspect the former but do not know.)

It's also not clear to me whether you pay 82% (knock off 10% + 8%) or that the 8% reduction is on the sale price (net pay of 82.8%). Other internet vendors might match the discount.

It's still $$$$ but if you're going to go for Demeyere ...

Here is a link that might be useful: Demeyere cookware

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Sending e-mail via the browser ran into problems. However, the phone still works. Per the customer rep it's Demeyere that will be increasing prices on April 16 and she did not know whether the discount is 18% or 17.2%. (The .8% difference isn't going to influence my decision on whether to buy or not.)

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