Lee, you've made my day!

teresa_nc7September 15, 2005

My package from Lee arrived this morning and believe me, it came at a time when I really needed something nice to happen to me! I've emailed Lee that the package arrived safely. And I WILL take pictures and post tonight when I get home.

Thanks, Lee, for all the amazing gifts!


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Oooo, I can't wait!

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I can't wait either!!

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Okay! Here I am, ready to report about the wonderful swap package I received from Lee (LSR2002) this morning!

It is amazing that Lee chose so many of my favorite things to send in her beautiful package! After I unpacked everything (in my office on my lunch hour) I just stood and looked at all the lovely wrapped and bow-tied gifts in colorful tissue paper and colored bows. Then I hopped to it and started unwrapping! First I opened the exquisite die-cut card she sent. Lee said her theme was " things I have and love and hope you'll like too!" Then I opened up each present and read the little card attached:

~ packages 1-3 to help make my "mornings sunny" were a lovely set of blue and yellow placemats and cloth napkins - my colors! - a pound of Silver Canyon coffee and a neat mug that is a press coffeemaker and mug all in one! Can't wait to try this tomorrow!

~ a huge bar of dark chocolate from Trader Joe's - "you gotta have chocolate" - did you know I get TJ envy when the rest of you start talking about shopping there? now I can make MLC and cease being a MLC virgin!

~ Stash Fusion Green & White Tea - I love Stash tea, but haven't tried this one yet "so fresh tasting"

~ "It wouldn't be a package from Boulder without Celestial Seasonings Tea!" this one is a fruit sampler; love CS tea, too!

~ Italian Garlic Bread Mix, and Lee's quick and easy way to serve it; it will go well with......

~ the jar of grilled vegetable bruschetta topping

~ a can of green ripe olives; "good all on their own" - I love olives!

~ a nice bottle of TJ's EVOO and a bottle of Orange Muscat Champagne Vinegar which I have wanted to try (but would probably never buy for myself) and a bottle of Cholula Mexican Hot Sauce - how did Lee know that I ran out of this just recently?

~ another coveted CF item: that cute glass oil jar with the silicon basting brush in it!! Yee haw! And Lee says some Smoked Paprika is coming my way also! Yet another item I've wanted but forgot to put in my last Penzey's order.

Now, if all these neat things weren't enough, Lee also included a cool as a present for my birthday on Saturday! It is so soft and lightweight with plenty of zippered pockets and a zipper top - just the way I like a purse to be!

Lee, you really did perk up my day for me! Thank you for your thoughtful gifts - you really did your homework on me very well! I know I will enjoy everything you sent in this swap.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Wow! Great package. I love the napkins and placemats, and the purse!! That coffee press mug is great too. DH should have one! Remember to coarsely grind the coffee for a better brew.
I'm glad Lee was able to brighten a lousy day. Teresa, I hope things will be better tomorrow.

PS the Penzey's smoked paprika is yummy!

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Wooooowza, Lee great box! I'm interested in that cup? How does it work?

Theresa, Enjoy your bounty!

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That IS a great package, and I'm also a fan of the Penzey's smoked paprika.

The placemats and napkins are lovely and what could be better than tea and chocolate?


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I'm drooling over the size of that chocolate!

The napkins and placemats are beautiful...are those lemons on them?

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

Love the oil jar with the basting brush! The place mats are so pretty! I love the colors! Nice going, Lee, great package! Enjoy all your goodies, Teresa!

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Teresa - what a great package! The coffee mug is interesting. I love the placemats and napkins. Have I seen those elsewhere? SharonCB has them maybe? Or maybe I've noticed them while swap shopping. I know I have admired them somewhere.

The glass jar with the basting brush is something else I have admired. I know you will enjoy it.

And Lee included a birthday present! She really did her homework. That was a really nice touch.

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Teresa, What a wondergul swap box. I'm sure it did brighten the day. I really like the orange champagne vinegar from TJs. Among other things, it's yummy on a baby spinach/strawberry salad.
Lee, Very thoughtful gifts. Nice job!


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Got my new mug right here by the computer this morning! Makes good coffee! You put 2-4 TB of coarse ground coffee in the mug, pour over hot water just off the boil, put the lid on, wait 4 minutes, then depress the plunger. The sip spout has a wire mesh covering so you don't accidentally get some grounds in your sip. There is a travel lid too.

Yes, those are lemons on the placemats & napkins! Lemons are another of my favorite things.

Life is good! Well....at least until I get to the office...

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What a way to start the day, your very own cup of fresh brewed coffee.

I Love the placemats and napkins, they are so pretty and cheerful.

Lee, what a wonderful package, I have not seen the oil jar and brush, but I am going to start looking for one, I could sure use that.

Great pictures, Teresa. Enjoy your package! I love the purse, too!

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I'm so glad everything got there safely. The only thing I was really worried about was the chocolate - there can still be very hot weather and it had a long ride.

The card, mug, napkins, mats and purse were from my store. LOL, I had been shopping there for Teresa ever since I got her name from Ann.

Doris, the mats and napkins are made in France and I think Sharon CB may have had a tablecloth in the same pattern when the CF did the French virtual dinner. I think she got some wonderful French china for that dinner too.

The oil jar and coffee were from a huge and fabulous, cookware store here in Boulder. I think lots of us have been coveting that jar ever since Ann T included one in her swap package. Unfortunately they sold me some Spanash paprika that they said was smoked, insisting that it was smoked even though there were no Spanish or English words to indicate that. When I got it home and lifted the lid to check it out I discovered, not surprisingly, that it wasn't smoked so I ordered it from a Spanish online market where I have purchased it before. I made a lot of calls and no one in the Denve metro area carries it.

Swaps are always fun and Teresa was a great partner to have.


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Lee, you put so much thought into this package - it's wonderful!

Teresa, Happy Birthday tomorrow - and have fun with all of this stuff. I love my oil jar and basting brush.


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Lee, that's a very nice swap assortment. I really like the coffee mug..... I WANT ONE!!! The oil jat is just too cute and I'd run out and buy the right outfit, just to show off the cute purse. Every item shows how much you thought about it.

Teresa....you lucky girl.... And Happy Birthday!


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Very, very nice. Love the French Press mug. But I have to tell you Teresa, it is the can of Olives that I really covet. Lee sent me a can of those same olives and I ate the whole can in one sitting. LOL. Okay I did share with Moe. But they are the best canned olives I have ever tasted. I keep looking for them when ever I'm in a speciality store hoping to find a local supplier.

Cute purse.


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Wow Teresa, so many great things in one box. I love to look at the swaps and imagine what things taste like and your package has my taste buds going. Great stuff Lee!!

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What a great box! I can see why Lee loves every one of those things. You will have a blast with all the stuff and all those goodies, no doubt.

Hey Lee, is that the store on the Pearl Street Mall? Is it called Peppercorns or something? I obviously can't remember the name, but that's a great store. And what's the name of your store and where is it?? (Shop-a-holic need-to-know question)

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