Exploding Pyrex glass baking pan

linda_tx8April 11, 2011

Has anyone had this happen? It happened to me yesterday! I was baking corned beef in a Pyrex pan and after cooking quite some while in a 325 degree oven, the baking pan just completely exploded! What an awful mess! I got as much as I could of the oodles of pieces of glass out of the oven last night, but still need to go in and clean out the rest...not to mention clean the oven...it's a mess! I didn't know glass baking pans could explode! Now, I googled it and apparently this has happened to lots of people and not just with the oven. I'm swearing off both glass bakeware and glass stovetop stuff, too. I'm tossing my glass saucepans. Ugh! Never ever again! Not after reading all those horror stories and having my own horror story also!

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I am surprised you haven't heard about the Pyrex problems before. This has already been studied extensively and at length by Consumer Reports Magazine. It's also been reported on the news extensively. If you have older Pyrex, it should be fine. I'll link the Consumer Reports page on Pyrex and Anchor Hocking. There's a menu on the left side of the page that has all the different subtopics about Pyrex that Consumer Reports has written.

Here is a link that might be useful: Consumer Reports on Pyrex and Anchor Hocking

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Nope, never heard a word! I watch news on TV and sometimes read the paper. Never heard anything. Believe me, if I'd heard about glass pans that can become "suicide bombs", so to speak, no glass cookware would have been in my house! Thanks for the link. Apparently, no glass cookware is safe. I'm 64 years old and there's enough horror out there in the world. So I don't need to have things exploding in my own house!

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I have inherited some Pyrex/Anchor Hocking bakeware and also see it often at garage sales. Is there any way to tell from the markings whether it is the older 'safer' glass vs the newer material?

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