Best inexpensive cookware for flat top electric range

nina17April 18, 2008

We just purchased a new Flat top electric range and I need to purchase new cookware for it. Does anyone have a recommendation for the best inexpensive brand of cookware?

I do not have a lot of money to spend as this was an unexpected purchase. However, I do not want to get something cheap that won't last. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I purchased the Members Mark set from Sam's Club. It's a tri-ply set and I'm very pleased with it. Costco also has a set under its own label.

Sam's club also sells wolfgang Puck and I understand that it's highly rated, but don't know anyone who has it.

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Hi I have had a smooth top stove for a little over a year,I went with Rachael Ray brand cookware.I love it! I cooks soo nice and cleans realy nice too.

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You should check the Food Network cookware. Seems very nice for the price. I have a couple of pieces and am well pleased. They sell it at Kohl's and I don't know where else.

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