Magic Bullet

razenetteApril 19, 2005

I ordered the Magic Bullet. Does anyone have it & do you like it? Hubby saw it & liked it,so I ordered it. I hope it works ok as we need something for "smoothies". My blender will not chop ice. This looks compact also. Nothing like my big ugly blender that does limited things.

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I am thinking seriously about getting one, too. The Reader's Digest printed an article in April's issue about "As Seen on TV" products. They chose 13 products and out of 4 stars, only 2 products got all 4. The Magic Bullet was one of them. But for me, I think the deciding factor would be to talk to someone who actually has one and get their feedback.

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You know, all appliances have good points & bad,I hope the good over weighs the bad w/the Bullet!! I'm short on counter space & that was also a factor. My Blender is put away & I want something I can leave on my counter. My blender is my most worthless appliance. Thanks Donna for your input......

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A couple of people on another message board I go to bought these and they were very pleased with them. Of course, I never heard anything beyond the first week.

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Have one. Use it to make pancake batter all the time. Have made sorbet in it too. Really like it (just toss it in the dishwasher), but probably not using it to the fullest extent I can.


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Our Target is selling the set for $59.98 or something like that. You get the blender with it. The TV commercial is now selling them with a juicer and if you order one you get another set free plus postage.
I think it is $99 but that would be for two sets.

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yeah...but i think S&H is about $ it's about $140 for 2 or $70 each...

anyone know where one can buy one set of magic bullet with the blender and juicer for the cheap?

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