Need Advice on Best Gas Range/Cooktop for Short Person

yauponNovember 27, 2012

I will be getting either a new gas cooktop or a dual-fuel range in the near future, and was wondering which brand might be good for someone who is short.

On Thanksgiving, I cooked on a friend's Kitchen Aid gas cooktop, and the height of the grates made the pans higher than was comfortable for me to see into easily. When I mashed the potatoes on the cooktop, it was difficult to work, as well.

Now when I look at the ranges/cooktops, I notice that many of them have very high grates. On some of them that have lower grates, there is often a panel of knobs that sticks out pretty far that would, again, make it difficult for a short person to easily stir/see into high pots on the back burners.

I would love some advice on what works for others.

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All grates on a gas cooktop or range will be higher than the counter. It's a safety thing. They cannot be lower than the counter.

So, if you are short, plan a run of counter with a cooktop instead of a range at less than the standard 36" high with a wall oven elsewhere. Just be aware that you would be personalizing your kitchen to your tastes and that a negative impact come resale might result from doing that.

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I am so surprised at how high my new gas range is, and I am 5'7", not that short. I cant even stir holding the handle of my spoon in a normal position. It is so weird. This is the only post I see anywhere and I am cant believe this writer and I are the only ones! I am thinking of trying to take all the legs off.

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+1 for what greendesigns said about getting a cooktop in a lower countertop.

lajme --

The problems with taking the adjusting feet off a range will be: (a) you lose the ability to level your range; (b) you lose the anti-tip protection (which hooks over one of the adjusting feet at the rear of the range); (c) pro-style ranges need legs and the sides not designed to sit directly on the floor; and (d) on major brand ranges, removing the adjusting feet won't actually lower the range much because the adjusting feet usually are not very thick.

Might have better luck with a thick kitchen gel/antifatigue mat in front of the stove. IIRC, the WellnessMat brand are 3/4" thick which is about the same as what you'd gain by taking the feet off a standard range.

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Great idea!!!

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