Bare cast iron fans: what size & shape?

awm03April 14, 2007

After making the decision to get a cast iron pan, it took all week to figure out what KIND of pan to get. So many choices...

Thought I'd start with a Wagner Ware 11 3/4 inch polished skillet to replace a humongous 5.5 quart stainless steel saute pan that delaminated (bottom disc separated from the pan). The pan should arrive "within 3 weeks." I guess American Culinary Corp. has to mine the ore first :)

What size/kinds of pans do you guys use? I'm interested in a 10" chicken fryer because several owners in other forums have said they think it's the most versatile pan, and the size is just right. Agree? Disagree? Does anybody own a round griddle and love it? Any comments on cast iron Dutch ovens? Or pizza pans?

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awm, I was following the other thread, and wondered, when people say they like the "smooth", does that translate to Wagner's "polished"? I've never owned a cast iron pan, but want to get one, and like you, want to be sure I start out with one I will use the most.

Also, is Wagner only available through the American Culinary website?

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Hi dmlove. I don't know if the "smooth" surface that longtime owners of cast iron pans rave about is the exact same as Wagner's "polished" when properly seasoned. I'll know after the pan arrives & gets seasoned, and if I can ever get my hands on an old skillet to compare. In researching on the web, many have commented that Lodge cast iron cookware has a rough surface that needs to be worn smooth with use & seasoning. Thought I'd try the Wagner polished skillet as an experiment.

It looks as if the new Wagner Ware is only available through American Culinary's web site.

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AWM, although the 10" Chicken Fryer isn't a bad choice, I prefer the 12" one as being more versitile.

If I had to be confined to just one cast-iron piece, that would be it.

If I had only two, they would be the 12" Chicken Fryer, and either a #10 or #12 Dutch Oven.

Three pieces would be those two plus a 10 inch skillet.

But, frankly, I use all 16 of my everyday pieces on a regular basis, and wouldn't want to give up any of them.

For pizza I would opt for a stone rather than cast iron.

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16 pieces -- whoa! You are the cast iron king, LOL! So I appreciate your taking the time to comment, thanks. I have a 10" stainless pan that I like very much (Kirkland, disc bottom), but the actual cooking area is too small for family-sized meals. What's the cooking area of your 10" cast iron pan?

I have a pizza stone, but it reeks of burnt oil. Everyone complains when I use it. Thought cast iron might avoid this problem.

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My 10 inch cast iron skillet has a bottom diameter of about 8 1/2 inches. Not big enough to cook for a family.

For that I have skillets up to 16 inches.

In stainless my largest is the Cuisenart 722-30H, which is a 12 inch skillet with helper handle. You can cook quite a bit in it.

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I want to get a 10 or 12-in cast iron skillet (although I'll take a look at that chicken fryer -- don't even know what shape that is). Can anyone else comment on the "polished" nature of the Wagner pans? Is polished good or bad as compared to Lodge Logic or other?

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