Best wok for induction & seasoning help

FLsandytoesApril 25, 2013

I'm switching to induction next year and need a new wok (old one has round bottom). So, a few questions...

1. I'm thinking carbon steel is the way to go. Yes?
2. How the heck do I season it on a smoothtop?
3. Do you recommend using the boost setting on the induction for wok cooking?

Additionally, if you've found a wok you love on your induction range, which one is it, what are the pros/cons, and are there some tips you'll share?


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You could peek at the cast iron choices. The Bodum enameled iron wok has a flat bottom and sexy. I would research or find someone happy with it.
Just the exterior is enameled. I did not end up with induction as it was causing a family feud, lol. We settled on an a-la-cart system that offered gas and induction but was very pricy 5yrs ago. Still considering sneaking one into my vacation home...a single or double if i can find a reasonable price via outlet etc. So i have researched what we would need for our cooking style. Our cast iron for our gas cooktop is heavy, stays put and does our meals that need it with ease. A concern is scratching if a bottom has a bit of grit. Parchment is used often or a very fine sanding,
600 grit?
Hopefully someone will chime in that has actually used one.
-you can view the Bodum on Amazon

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