Teresa, your package is waiting for me!!

annie1992September 9, 2005

This message is from Annie's office. Her swap box arrived here today and we called and told her it was here. She instructed us to leave this message so Teresa would know it had arrived safely. She is out of the office for the weekend and will be back sometime on Monday.

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Oooo, I can't wait! Knowing Teresa, this is going to be one great box of goodies!

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Whew !!

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How dare she go camping when I knew she had a swap box coming.

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If she had only waited until she opened her swap box she would have had _________ and ___________ and some _________ to take with her on the camping trip.

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. . . and don't forget the __________________!

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Hey Annie, when ya coming back from camping?

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I'M BAAACCCKKKK!! The first thing you all should know is that the digital camera is not working. I took a couple of sunset pictures at the lake, it wouldn't turn off and now it does nothing at all. G*D, I hate technology. BTW, Jessy, the cell phone didn't work up there either. Pah.

I did, however, get out my trusty 35MM and take pictures, which I will drop off at the store on my way to the farm. If I get a photo CD, maybe I can figure out how to post them from there, or maybe I can get Ann T to help me if I told her I bought her a present on my way home.....

Anyway, the Swap Box!! Ohmy, what a swapbox it is. I opened it at the office, they wouldn't let me escape. The first thing I found was a very nice letter from Teresa, explaining everything in the box and telling me about herself. Since the theme was "Imagination", Teresa took me on a couple of imaginary "trips". The first trip was to a cold winter's day, inside by a fire, sipping tea and eating something sweet, with a book and an old movie.

The next trip was a trail ride and camping trip with grilling over an open fire, lots of spicy sauces, and a wedge of warm cornbread to go with a pot of beans. Teresa, we'll keep "Tex" a secret between us for now (giggle). Attached to the letter were recipes: Brunswick Stew, White Lily Light Biscuits, Alison Krauss' Winning Cornbread, Mexican Cornbread, Blueberry Cobbler and Apple Butter. Teresa added a note that she had once won a blue ribbon at the county fair with this apple butter!! We have something in common here....and included with the letter and recipes were canning jar labels!! They were designed by our own Doris (RuddMD) and are round, to go on the tops of jars. I love these, I hate trying to scrape the residue from old labels off the jars themselves, the ones for the lids are so much nicer. Half of them say "Annie's Finest" and the other half say "Angela's Finest". Thank you, Doris and Teresa, they are wonderful and will certainly be used.

Right on the top of the box was a quilted piece made by Teresa, it's beautiful in autumn colors, brown, gold, rust, burgundy, 4 maple leaves in the middle of a green border with a print of tiny maple leaves. The corners have appliqued sunflowers.

Teresa, this is just beautiful. Half of the office wants your address to see if you make things for sale. The other half wants your address to see if you can tell them how to make them. I am going to get a wooden dowel and use it as a wall hanging in my dining room. Have I mentioned this is just beautiful? Pictures ARE coming.

Next were two kitchen towels that Teresa also made, a nice creamy linen type material with a multicolored stripe. These are very nice, but so pretty that I think I'll save them to line the bread basket. They are far too pretty to use for dishes.

The next item I found was a box of Walker's Shortbread, one of my favorites. I just love this stuff!! Notice in the picture that it is unopened. Well, it was, I'm having one right now. Hey, I was good long enough to take the pictures! Along with the shortbread were two boxes of Whittard Teas, one English Breakfast and one Green Tea with Mango. Yum, I have tea at work instead of coffee and these will make a nice change of pace.

Next I came to the sauces. The first jar was a jar of the "Bone Suckin' Sauce" that many people here have mentioned. I can hardly wait, I'll be grilling this week....hmmmm....chicken or ribs, ribs or chicken? Life is full of difficult decisions (grin). Maybe both. Next I found a bottle of Texas Pete Hot Sauce. This must be for that pot of beans? Or maybe chili, I like chili when the weather cools. The next package was a bottle of "Original Thomas Sauce for food & Imagination". The bottle says it can be used instead of catsup or BBQ sauce, for a marinade, on fish, in meatloaf, baked beans. This will be fun to experiment with, but I'm open to suggestions.

Next I found a pair of purple rubberized gardening gloves, perfect for planting in the spring when the ground is still cool and wet, and two packages of flower seeds, one marigolds and one multi-colored Sunflowers. Since I plant marigolds by my beans to deter rabbits and I love sunflowers, this is a wonderful gift, just for me.

I came to a couple of items that had Jessica's mark of influence on them. The first is the infamous spaghetti server. Now, understand, I've never had a spaghetti server. Jessica, however, believes that once I try one, I'll never give it up. And what do I find in my box? An OXO spaghetti Server!!! LOLOL I do like the OXO utensils, they all "feel" right when I use them, and this will certainly be a utensil that I'll never be able to use without thinking of Jessica and Teresa. (grin)

Next to the spaghetti server was another item that Jessica couldn't believe I didn't have, but this was one I also thought I needed: a timer. I've never figured out how to use the one on the stove without turning the oven off. Sigh. This one is perfect, though, big enough not to get lost, will sit solidly on the counter or where ever I put it, and it looks cool, it's white and shaped like an egg. I like it very much and maybe now I can do two things at once without scorching dinner at the same time.

Finally, in the bottom of the box, the items that made the box heavy: a 5 lb. bag of White Lily flour and a bag of Martha White Buttermilk Cornmeal Mix, for my biscuits and my cornbread. I can't get White Lily flour here and although I can buy Martha White mixes, I've never seen the bags of Cornmeal Mix. Although I am definitely a northern girl, I love beans and cornbread, so I love the cornmeal mix and I can't think of anything better for breakfast than a hot biscuit with homemade jam or honey.

Thank you, Teresa, this is a wonderful, amazing swap box and everything suits me perfectly. Even the colors on the table runner/wall hanging are perfect for me. I am not much of a decorator so Ashley is ecstatic too, something to hang on the wall!!! These are beautiful, thoughtful, personal gifts and I appreciate them. Thank you.

As for the rest of you, just wait until you see a picture of this quilted wall hanging. It's a work of art, truly.

Oh, and the office staff is now considering joining the Cooking Forum en masse. LOL


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Yea, she's back!

What a wonderful box! I can't wait to see the picture of the quilted piece. I knew Teresa was making it and I am sure it is beautiful! Teresa - I didn't know you made kitchen towels too. You've been holding out on us.

I have her apple butter recipe and hope to make some soon. I do not have the cornbread recipe. How about sharing that? I usually use the one on the White Lilly Cornmeal package, but I always like to try new things.

What the heck is a spaghetti server? I don't have one either. I guess this is another one of those things I never knew I needed, but now feel like I've been missing out.

Annie - sorry to hear about the digital. Post the other pics as soon as you can.

You've got some nice stuff there, enjoy!

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Terrific! Beautiful things made just for you, Annie...that's really special. Every time you look at them, you'll think of Teresa. She chose some great things.

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I'm glad you like the things I chose for your swap package, Annie! It was fun putting it together for you, even if I did have to s-t-r-e-t-c-h my imagination a bit - LOL! I included some of my favorite things, some things I hoped you would like, and some items a "little bird" told me you might could use.

Once you started taking pictures with the camera Jessy brought you, I could see what your kitchen decor looked like! Ha! And yes, I do take commissions for quilted items.

Enjoy your swap items.... and tell Tex I said "hi!"

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That is spaghetti server. Looks like something your gynecologist would use.

(pppssssttt I have a long list of things she still needs or at least I deem her to!)

It's so much fun being the swap spy (hint: every swap needs one!)

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Annie, I know you'll enjoy everything you recieved. What a nice swap package. I'll be waiting to see the pictures.

Nice job Teresa! I can tell that Annie is just as happy as a fox in the chicken coop!


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Annie thats a great box of stuff!! You wont be able to live without that spaghetti thing. We've always had one and I'd rather just lift it out of the water than scald myself pouring it into a strainer. All the personal and homemade items are really special too. Nicely done Teresa!!!!!

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Oh - I have one of those! Yep, your right - it does look like a medical instrument!

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Annie, nice selection of goodies. Can't wait to see the pics.
Teresa, excellent swap package. I love that you made some of the items.


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Ditto Jayne!
Truly sounds like a fabulous box, I especially want to see the wall hanging and Doris' labels. How clever to team up with another member to design something as a gift!
Enjoy it Annie, I'm sure you will and will you please pass the Apple Butter. It's a favorite over here!


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now that box of goodies you'll be able to enjoy for a long time--hand made items are so extra special. love the idea of the canning labels for the lids.

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OK, I want to know about Tex...

What a special package Teresa...I can't wait to see pics of that wall hanging.

Annie, I know you'll enjoy all this fabulous stuff. Hope you get your camera fixed.


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Oh Annie, you were just getting warmed up with that camera. I too hope you get it fixed.

I love the fact that Teresa made some of the items. Enjoy your box of goodies.

Hey Teresa I want to know about Tex!

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

Can't wait to see the wall hanging! What a great box you sent, Teresa! You'll love the Bone Suckin' Sauce, Annie, it's really good! The food or imagination sauce, hmmmm, I'd leave that up to your imaginagination, Annie, LOL! I could only imagine :)

Looking forward to the pictures! Enjoy your gifts, Annie! Nice going, Teresa!

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Maybe I'll just put that sauce on ol' Tex......


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What a wonderful box, I can't wait to see the quilted hanging and I think it's really cool that Doris and Teresa collaborated on the labels.

I received some White Lily flour in my first swap, and some Martha White mixes - can't buy either here. I know you'll enjoy using them.

Are Raoul and Tex related?????

Great job Teresa; have fun Annie.

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They must be related, Lee, neither one of them has shown up yet!!


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Dying to know about Tex. Is he a Gumby-looking thang, or what?

Very cool package. How nice that she included homemade items. Never from me.

There is a bluegrass band out here called Hot Rize. They got their name from Martha White and her flour with Hot Rize. They even had t-shirts bearing that logo.

Enjoy you goodies!

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