Induction - Q's about non-stick, preheating, griddles, Le Creuset

bestvalueApril 3, 2005

I'd like to go with induction, but need to make sure I'll still be able to cook (!)

Right now, my favorite pan (practically the only one I use besides a big pot for boiling water) is a T-fal 12" nonstick. I replace it every year or two when the surface wears our (my latest one has a scratch because my brother-in-law cut into something in the pan to see if it was done -- but he was babysitting for free, so what can you say?)

Anyway, it works really well, and is inexpensive enough that I don't mind having to replace it. But, it won't work with induction.

I make omelets, pancakes, turkey burgers and turkey sausage, and pan-fried fish (cajun catfish). I don't mind using oil or butter, but I'd like to really have eggs and pancakes release well.

What's the best option for induction for replacing this pan?

Additional q's -

* I went to test the Diva in person. Apparently you aren't supposed to pre-heat -- I turned on the hob under the All Clad saucepan with lid that comes with the set, and the pot immediately started vibrating horribly, making a racket with the lid. Is this a real restriction? Then what do you do for pancakes on a cast-iron griddle?

* Le Creuset seems to have a logo embossed on the bottom, and some pots also look like they have a raised ring around the edge. Does that interfere with induction?

* My one complaint about my T-fal is that it's not large enough (and one of my many complaints about my current stove is that it doesn't heat out to the edge). Is there a cooktop/pan option that would solve this for me? The Demeyere griddles looked intriguing, although they aren't non-stick, and I think the 34cm round one might be too big even for the De-Deitrich 90cm DTI309's central 28cm hob (I think they recommend no larger than 32cm), while I'm not sure the rectangular one works at all. Suggestions?


-- Amanda

Here is a link that might be useful: Demeyere Griddles

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LeCrueset and All Clad stainless work just fine on Induction. You are allowed to preheat but you have to turn the heat down quite a bit. It heats up really quickly. You must have everything ready when you want to cook. Demeyere is also good. All Clad makes non stick and I have had my non stick for 5years and no damage or flaking at all.

Good luck!

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Gil Roschuni

Cast iron works well on induction. The logo on the bottom of the Le Creuset pan or a raised ring is not a problem. Pans used with induction hobs don't have to be as perfectly flat as with regular ceramic smoothtops because the induction field is active for a short distance above the surface of the unit. The only problem I have ever heard of is that the pan may rotate or something if it is high in a single spot in the middle or something. If you want a good, cheap induction-capable fry pan, QVC's Cooks Essentials stainless lines are induction ready, metal utensil-safe nonstick that can go in the dishwasher. They also have a lifetime warranty, so they will replace them for free if they ever wear out. They have a stainless steel 13" super skillet with lid for about $40. They also have a Stainless 500 nonstick 12" super skillet for about $30. Good cookin' :-)

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I just went through that process after finding a clearance induction range and this how i replaced two sets of Revere cookware:

Go to Tuesday Morning and/or TJ Maxx
Make sure you carry a magnet with you
I purchased a TVS 12" ($24.99) and 8" non stick skillet (14.99) TJ Maxx quality Italian cookware Europeans have been using induction for years
Berndes Coquere Induction 5-1/2-Quart Stock Pot Tuesday Morning (2/3 off retail) Very Nice! Well built German Cookware.
Berndes Coquere Induction 3.15-Quart Sauce Pot Tuesday Morning Well built German Cookware
Tramontina 6.5 qt. Enameled Covered Cast Iron Dutch Oven $39 Sams Club (Le Creuset performance without the $$$$$$$$$$$) recommended by Cooks illustrated
Le Creuset 3 1/2 Qt. Braiser $149.00 TJ Maxx Worth every penny!
Lucked into a Closeout on a complete set (14 Pieces of Cuisinart stainless steel induction cookware) $91 Sam's CLub

Induction is definitely a time saver. you can cook with lower heat and it heats the pan very fast. Water Boils in 4 minutes.

Hope this helps!

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