Does anyone else like Wagner ware Magnalite?

SamanthapApril 8, 2005

I've been using this old type of Magnalite for years--from my mom's set, maybe 50 years old! and I love it. This version isn't around now but can be found on Ebay. Is there a reason why I don't hear it mentioned? Just wondering--hope it's not because it's leaching some awful chemicals into my food!

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I, too have used Maganalite for years and years. I adore it!! I have even bought a few on Ebay to add to my original 30 year-old collection. It is aluminum that is why some people used to think there was something wrong with cooking in it but this is NOT TRUE. My only problem is keeping the outside nice and shiny.

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We can get new Magnalite here at the Ace Hardware store. I have friends who wouldn't cook on anything else!

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Just found this site. I LOVE my Wagner Ware-Magnalite (Sidney, OH). they were gifts from my mother-in-law some 47 years ago. I use them daily. Now looking for the old (original) cooking instructions (for kicks). Does anyone have them or know where they can be found? Many thanks...........Suzie142004

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I have the 15" Magnalite roaster with the following written on the bottom: Wragner Ware Sidney -0- Magnalite 4265. I am searching for a replacement lid. I am estimating that the roaster was purchased approx. 50 years ago. I appreciate any help in locating a source for a replacement lid.

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My first set of nice cookware was Magnalite. After 20+ years, I still have two sauce pots and a small fry pan left. They are dark anodized aluminium - the anodization has all worn off on the inside - with riveted cast aluminium handles. The other pieces have broken, or rather the handles broke off after drops. This doesn't seem to be the same stuff you are describing, so perhaps they made more than one line or there was another company using the name.

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johnliu, you have Magnalite Professional that was made from mid 80s to late 90s. I have several pieces of that it it's rather coveted on eBay. A lot of users complained about the anodization wearing off during normal use(repeated boiling of water for pasta, etc). I had that happen with my dutch oven by my saute pans and sauce pans are holding up exceptionally well.

I used to know who "took" over the Magnalite stuff (GHC at one point) but kind of lost interest. I assume the lifetime guarantee won't be honored (they don't make the Professional stuff anymore).

I do know they new company started re-manufacturing the old non-anodized stuff and lots of folks think it's sub par. If I find the links to message boards, I'll post them here.

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I only have a large 12" skillet with lid. I like it alot! I lucked out and found it on ebay for 99 cents but shipping so it ended up costing me like $12 about a year ago! WOOHOO! Then I found a pretty blue Club Aluminum large dutch oven that I love too that I paid about $20 for on ebay! They are pretty much the same thing to cook with only the Club is colored on the outside. The Magnalite is very sought after and usually sells for a huge price on ebay, I just lucked out because they misspelled Magnalite! HA! Usually if I see a roaster at the flea market, it's selling for $100! Well they are asking that, I don't know if it will sell for that...HA!

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Interesting, dees_1, thank you. I wish I'd known about the lifetime guarantee, I'm not above trying to collect on those guarantees even many decades later! The cookware cooked/cooks very well. I was quite sad when my large saut� pan's handle broke, and my wife was mad (at me) when I dropped and broke her large Dutch oven. If I recall correctly, anodized aluminium Calphalon was all the rage back then (1988?) and the Magnalite stuff was very similar to that. Seems to me it was somewhat spendy, I recall >$200 for the set which was not a low price 20+ years ago. I was surprised when the handles broke - I guess cast aluminum isn't the strongest material for handles.

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You're right John....GHC (General Housewares Corporation) took over Magnalite some time in the early 80s and came out with the Profressional like to compete with Commercial/Profressional Calphalon. GHC was purchased by another firm and is now called World Kitchen (see link). I suggest following up with them on your warranty.

I have pieces of all three (actually, have more cookware than I should but that's another show). Every piece I own has it's merits but I really regret not getting more of the Magnalite Professional. I think the huge downside of Magnalite Professional are the handles; they get HOT HOT HOT!!! Calphalon's don't.

Here is a link that might be useful: World Kitchen Wikipedia Info

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World Kitchen does NOT make the authentic Magnalite. They bought the name when the original company went bankrupt and they make cheap knock-offs in China that look like, but don't cook like real Magnalite. Check out these are the real deal, still made in the U.S.A.

Here is a link that might be useful: American Culinary

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Thanks for the tip, Joe. I've had MagPro since 1980 & the big saute is still my go-to pan. I thought I was destined to shopping on ebay for additional pieces!

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The beauty of using cookware made of "cast" aluminum is that bottom heat is transferred all the way up the sides of the pot. That's why the handles get so hot. This property adds to Magnetite's excellent cooking performance. Cast aluminum dutch ovens perform similarly to cast iron ovens. Pots made from rolled sheet aluminum do not transfer much heat up the sides. This makes a BIG difference in some types of cooking.


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Joe, thanks for posting the link. I'm glad to see this cookware still available. I might be able to replace my wife's favorite pot, after all.

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If anyones interested, has the 17 qt 17 1/2 x 12 x 5 1/2 oval roaster on auction ending tonight. I know nothing about pricing on these and how much is too much. You can do a search for item number 7330689.

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Can I cook with these on induction heat?

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No. A pot must be magnetic in order for it to heat up on an induction burner. Cast aluminum is non magnetic.


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I have Wagner Ware Magnalite-two saucepans and a lid. I think I used to have another lid. I bought them at a garage sale in Pocatello, ID, in 1987 for $1 each. The lady who was selling them had been given a new set of cookware by her grown children and she was upset that they were making her sell these. She said she had gotten them as a wedding present and had been using them for 40 years without any problem and didn't see why she had to give them up. I have had them for 24 years and have not had any problems with them. I am now giving them to my son because we bought a new ceramic glass top stove and unfortunately, these pots, even though they cook so very well, are not level any more and I can't use them. I was wondering if anyone knew where I can find out exactly (or pretty close) how old these pots are. They say Wagner Ware Sidney O Magnalite 468 P on the bottom. They are very heavy and have black handles.

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Is wagner ware still in business? can you buy the black handles to replace ones that are broken? Wagner ware does not respond to these questions.

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I just took a chance by looking you up on the enternet!! I have used a Wagner ware sidney pot for as long as I can remember, I am 72 yrs old and have used this pot with my mother years ago and my sister and I used it to make old fashion fudge!!yumm, my husband and I use it for popping corn ,This pot holds so many wonderful memories I would like to know how old it is . The bottom has of course the Wagner ware sidney ,plus The Gourmet Pan,Magalite #4672p we will use it forever!!

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I have had my magnilite wagner ware for 57 years. wonder if ok to use on new ceramic stove top range?

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I just purchased a set of Magnalite cookware, I was in a thrift store that I shop often, they were just putting it out on the shelf, when I saw it my heart stopped, looked almost brand new, it was just like the set my grandmother used, and really it was shiney like new, handles fine. I paid all of $22 for 3-pans w/lids, and a small roaster w/lid. I plan on giving it to my sister who has alot of my graqndmothers cookware that she cherishes.

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We have been using magnalite for over 47 years. We bought the first pot from a Jewel Tea salesman who came through the neighborhood each week. We've purchased other pieces at thrift stores through the years. My wife loves this cookware and uses it several times a week.

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luv them,luv them. my mother-in law gave me my 1st.That was a 5qt, dutch oven. Found another, 5qt at a garage ssle, for $2. I also have the biggest, oven roaster w/ lid, and the next size down- roaster w/lid.The 5qt pots, have been in almost daily use, for most of our 46 years of married life.The 5 qt,have lost their finish, but still are going strong.

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I have about a dozen pieces, all bought at thrift or yard sales. I even buy extra lids when I find them...because some times I find a pot and no lid, but eventually will find one at a thrift shop and will buy it. I think the most I ever paid for a pot with a lid was $3.98 at a thrift shop. The last three or four I bought, I got to sell on ebay, but I like them so much...and spent so much time cleaning the bottoms of them....decided I'd just keep them.

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I also have Magnalite GHC it's about 30 years old. Well one of the pans (the 2 quart saucepan) from the set has bubble/warp right in the middle of the pan. I contacted American Culinary as I found that they had purchased the forms and such for the original pans. I was instructed after trying to get in touch with someone there for 3 weeks that this is not cover under the warranty. So now I must buy a new pan.

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