Chantal enamel on steel

sallyjavalonApril 18, 2005

Has anyone used any of these? Are they significantly heavier or more awkward to handle than the stainless?

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Sally, I have used enameled steel in the past. I liked them for their lighter weight, and the fact that they tend to heat up quickly and the heat is fairly even. I think they are a good alternative to heavy cast iron enameled pots, as long as you remember that they are thinner, and will heat up more quickly, which can sometimes result in burning if you're not watchful.

Some of my favorite 9x13'' baking pans are Dansk (porcelain enamel over steel).

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I have a favorite 9x13 Chantal baking pan, green enamel on the outside and brown enamel on the inside. Not only is it lovely, it's the best functioning baking pan I have.

I personally don't find it more awkward although it is a tad heavier. I found it at TJ Maxx and have been in love ever since.

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thanks for you input - that is all the encouragement I need as there is a sale on the Chantal website. There must be some magpie in my pedigree, as I really like the idea of coloured pots. Heck you might as well get pleasure out of looking at them as with cooking with them. (I'm sure there is a moral there somewhere, but who cares!)

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