Fun package from Susie_que!Susie's box got to the post office yes

KatieCSeptember 3, 2005

Susie's box got here yesterday but was too big for my mailbox so I had to pick it up in town today. My camera's at work, so I'll post details and pics when I get home tomorrow afternoon. I'll just say the theme (theme...she actually had a theme...I feel!) is Beach Party.

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Katie, we're waiting.........


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OK,OK, I got a little sidetracked last night.

First of all Susie sent me a picture of the package .

Not pictured: a lovely letter from Susie describing the contents of our Day at the Beach package (because I am landlocked...perfect!), a couple of newspapers that are spread out around our recliners, and an assortment of tourist stuff to read. Looks like she spent her whole vacation shopping for meeeee!

Our cats must have sensed the fishy theme. Everything was wrapped in bright paper and Liana's cat Ozzy spent the night stringing wrapping paper all over the house. He was still this morning.

Now for the .

-Herr's Potato Chips with Old Bay Seasoning - yum, I love Old Bay.
-Sea salt and the cutest salt cellar.
-Blueberry Preserves (from Intercourse, PA no less)
-Bookbinders (love the name) Snapper Soup and Oyster Crackers to go with. (I haven't had oyster crackers for eons --Mom was from Boston and we were raised with them.)
-Litehouse Cocktail Sauce (This is funny...Litehouse products are made about 30 miles from me and I have never, ever seen their cocktail sauce in our grocery stores or in their own shop. It's interesting to know their products are marketed so widely.)
-Shrimp Dip mix and Herbs for Seafood mix. Now that DH is finally starting to appreciate seafood, these will go to good use.
- Love the Cook Summer Breeze Tea. OMG this stuff smells apricots and ...?. It's chilling down here and Liana and I will enjoy a cup when we get back from our day of shopping.

Thene there's :

- How to Eat Lobster placemats. Now we'll have to splurge next time Costco has a tankful of them.
- Seahorse napkins...very cute
-A sandpail and shovel that looks like it's destined to hold one of the dips.
-A Coast Guard mug for my tea.
-Two fish plates...these are both adorable will go well with the two shell-shaped dihes I already have.
-A sparkly blue starfish plaque that I'm afaid Liana will abscond with ("Mom, I waaaaaant it...It goes with the fish we have one our wall. I neeeeeeed it....". Ohbrother...
-Postcards from the left coast, Angel of the Sea B&B and the concrete ship "Atlantus" (Interesting...DH says if I ever get my autumn vacation back East we need to go see that.)
-Angel of the Sea B&B cookbook and Jame's Beard's Shellfish (goody!)
-A Cape May diamond. Actually quartz crystal found at Cape May Point, NJ. Hard to see, but it's pretty and I have a friend who can make me something with it...pendant? keychain?
-Cape Shore friendship soap...what a lovely scent!.

OK, I don't think I missed anything. What a great swap box. Thank you! Susie, I can't believe how well you stuck to the theme. (Apologies to my swap partner...I start out with themes and then get sidetracked, so my partner will get mini/partial themes, hehe).

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The perfect theme for someone "landlocked" in Idaho! What a wonderful selection of foods and fun goodies you found for Katie, Susie!

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Wow, that's quite a box, Katie. Aw, go ahead, give the kid the starfish.

Old bay seasoned potato chips? Now there's one I've never heard of, and the salt cellar is very cute.

Have fun.....


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What a great theme Susie. The plates are really cute and I love the little salt cellar. Love the kitty pictures too.

Susie, has been having some computer problems but I spoke with her this morning and she is aware that you have received your swap box Katie. Look for her to post soon.


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Hey, this is a great swap package! How fun! Susie, what a great job you did and what a cute theme.

Katie, it sounds like you will really enjoy all the goodies.


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Oh Happy Day!!

I can finally post YIPPEE!!!
What a miserable few days with no computer and nothing but sadness on TV!

Thanks to our "Miss Ann" the "Fairy Swap Mother" I am able to get back on the forum!!

So glad you like your stash of goodies!
I knew if I was to get anyone land locked it was going to be a seashore theme!!
I love Cape May and its fun to share a little bit of the ocean with someone so far away!!

If Lianne does snatch the starfish, let me know as we are heading back to CM in a few weeks!

I am looking forward to feedback once you start sampling the goods!
I know you will love the preserves!
I love it just on simple crackers with a little cream cheese!

Have fun and thanks for being so fun to shop for!


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I love the theme!! Very creative. What a great swap box! Good job Susie! Katie, I'm sure you're going to enjoy all those goodies!

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Susie you put together a fun fun box! I too love the salt celler.

Katie, enjoy your beach party! Remember to take pictures.

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Great theme Susie! You really chose something fun for Katie. I'm sure she'll have a great time using all those goodies!
Katie, I'm sure you'll enjoy your trip to the shore!

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What a wonderful package! Can you smell the ocean, Katie? You can just settle down with a mug of "summer breeze", a handful of Old Bay chips, and write afew postcards.

That's too funny about the cocktail sauce being from your part of the country -- was that deliberate, Susie?

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Great stuff Katie. That must have been one big box. I love that salt cellar (and everything else) Good job Suzie!!!

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Now I'm on the hunt for a salt cellar for my Maldon sea salt. Covered like that one. Love the fish plates, too. FSB! (fabulous swap box)

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Great package! I love the placemats.

Susie - that was a great theme, looks like you spent your whole vacation shoppping. :)

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What a fun package ! And the perfect "theme" for someone in Idaho --enjoy your "sea side" adventure Katie--

Nice job Susie --great theme! Love the salt cellar & that Starfish.

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FYI....I actually found the salt cellar at bed bath and beyond!!!
Just 5 miles from home!!

I have one too!!
It sits on my counter!!

The best part is the tiny I am not dipping my fingers into the salt!!
However the fact that is closes helps in this Philly humidity!!
No more clumpy salt!!


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Great package! Susie looks like you had a swap shopping vacation. Another who loves the salt cellar and theme.

Katie, have fun and enjoy your day at the beach!

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Katie, Sounds like a terrific swap box for a land locked lady.

Susie...Love the theme. Good job!


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OH I love it! Great Job!

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What a fun package, Katie. I hope you get to enjoy every bit of it and even if you aren't on a beach - you can use your IMAGINATION. Ahhhh, the theme of the swap very well implemented.

Enjoy. Looks like your cats had their own swap.


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