Has anyone tried the Viking cookware?.....

cefosterApril 2, 2005

I was just curious if anyone has tried the Viking cookware or at least has seen it, and do you like it? Thank you in advance!!

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I have seen it and it is beautiful and looks like it would work fantastic.

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Thank you so much - I know it costs alot, I just want one piece to try (hopefully I can find it on ebay).

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I was at an appliance demonstration this past weekend and the guest chef was using Viking cookware. It looked so beautiful! I went on ebay yesterday to see about finding a single, larger saute pan, but all I found were sets, and singles of things I didn't want. I will look on another wibsite today.

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Thank you for letting me know that the cookware is beautiful.....I don't really need any new cookware, I would just like to have a piece of the viking!!

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Okay - finally saw the viking cookware at the Home Show - very nice and sturdy....but....after seeing it, I don't think I would pay the $$$$$$ they ask for the pieces...maybe if I find them on sale.

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Is the Viking cookware just a "rebrand" from someone else? I am considering the Viking stuff since I am in need of a full new setup.


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I have some Viking, it cooks even, heats well. I prefer Demeyere cookware. Demeyere does not have rivets to hold the handle, making it easier to clean. The handles are welded. The cookware can be used on any cooking hob. Also, if I remember correctly, all the Viking pieces have the heat core come all the way up the sides (like All Clad). After you take the cookware off the hob, the sides are hot and continue to "cook". If any food is left on the side of the cookware, it will cook onto the side, making it harder to clean. I just can't seem to rinse the pots out before we eat. It seems popular to have the heat all the way up the side, but it is not necessay for most cooking. More energy is used to heat the sides. Also Demeyere has a non-drip lip.

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I don't think the Viking is a rebrand - it doesn't really resemble the ones I have seen and I have seen and tried many. The thing I did really like (I really liked all of the Viking cookware - it's just amazingly costly), was the extra long handles on the cookware - for some reason I really liked that. Good luck!!

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I have a Viking omelet pan that came with my appliances. It's so/so. I wouldn't spend the $$ on it. I'm going for Sitram. Had one of those pots for 20 years and I just love it.

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I have a full set and I love it. I owned the Sitram catering line as well as the Bourgeat copper and as soon as I tried the Viking, I sold off all the other cookware. The Viking handles are long and never get hot or even that warm no matter how high the heat. Truly the best for non cast-iron cookware.

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I looked at Viking and found it amazingly heavy; heavier, I think, than my cast iron. I have had Sitram SS for 30 years and love it.

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Regarding the question of where the Viking cookware comes from, their web site says that it's "Manufactured to Viking specifications in Belgium." That should narrow it down a bit...

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Viking is made by Demeyere in Belguim to the specifications of Viking.

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From the "seven-layer construction", I suspected as much. Belgium pretty much narrowed it down to Demeyere or Falk Culinair, and the seven-layer construction seemed a bit much of a technology stretch for Falk. Not to mention that the lids look a lot like Demeyere's.

Demeyere's really good stuff.

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Why Viking didn't spring for them to weld on the handles, I'll never know...

Nor do I understand what happened to manufacturers who once had the ability to weld on handles, who appear to have "lost the recipe" and have resorted to riveting them on. Come on guys, it can't really be that difficult to weld a handle onto a pan. They do much, much more sophisticated welding to build aircraft and the like.

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I've spoken with some cookware reps re: rivits vs weld. The rivits look better with the pro style ranges,etc. and that is what WE want (or so they think). There are different levels of welding and I think some people just have a problem believing that a weld will hold up to the quick heat you can get on some of the cooktops now. But the best will.

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I'm a little late to this thread. I have quite a few pieces of Viking cookware. It was originally made by Demeyere in Belguim. They are a dream to cook with. I have tried to hunt down some additional pieces, but they are difficult to come by, so I purchased additional Demeyere. Viking sold the rights to the cookware to a company who is now having it made In Indonisia. I purchased a small pan on eBay, then realized it was not the original Demeyere- made Viking. Now I notice that Wayfair is selling the newly manufactured pieces. They don't say where it's made. I would hesitate buying it, as it's still expensive. I would just purchase Demeyere. Find them better than All-Clad.

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