Mario Batali vs Chefs Choice vs Le Creuset

jono123April 2, 2006


I was in Target's today and boy, does their Chefs Choice enameled cast iron pot look like a Le Creuset.

The Mario Batali pot also looks of simlar quality to the Le Creuset.

Anyone actually compare any of these?

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How do they compare in price and quality?

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Jono, I have a couple of Le Creuset pieces which I really like and have had for years. But I recently bought a Mario Batali's roaster and Dutch Oven. I did a little research on line before buying Batali's. It got good reviews and here in Canada, it was half the price. I also liked the colours. I've used both the Dutch Oven and the roaster a couple of times in the last week and am happy with them. Even after roasting on high heat (500°F) the roaster cleaned up beautifully. The fact that the Batali is oven safe to 500°F and the Le Creuset to only 450°f was another deciding factor. The little Kitchenwares store in Victoria that I bought them in said that they have been selling like hotcakes and they are on their third shipment since Christmas. And they haven't had any complaints or returns.


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I want some! I looked on the website and supposedly they sell to Crate and Barrel. I'll call and see. Do they weigh as much as Le Creuset?

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Thanks Ann.

Compumom, I have seen them at Sur La Table if you have one of these nearby. I have not seen them at my local Crate and Barrel.

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You're welcome Jono. Ellen, I think that they are heavier than the Le Creuset. I weighed the roasting pan on my kitchen scale and it weighed in at 11 pounds 12 oz. and the Dutch Oven was too heavy for my kitchen scale.


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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

Ellen, Bloomingdales carries the Mario Batali as well.

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

I took Ann's recommendation and just bought the Mario Batali pan. I love it, I really needed a new pan and I picked it up this morning. I like that it is very deep, deeper than the Le Creuset which is what I had been wanting all along. Thanks, Ann! Great price, too! It's in the oven now!


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Actually, in looking at the Mario Batali product collection catalog, Batali claims to be "1/2 the weight of traditional cast iron cookware".

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