Calphalon infused anodized or one nonstick (what about Circulon)

chadapimApril 16, 2005


I'm new here, I hope some of you might be able to help me. I'm about to buy a new set of cookware. I'm thinking about Calphalon infused hard anodize and Calphalon one non stick, it's the same price. Anyone could advise if the Calphalon infused anodized is okay? It's really not as sticky as other pan? It claims to be better than the normal pan... not as stick. What about Circulon? It's hard anodized with nonstick? Is circulon hard anodized non stick as good as calphalon one non stick? I've read some review in Amazon, they said I better know the different of non-stick and anodized surface cooking. Please advise what's the different I'll get from that?

I would really wish someone could help me out here.

Thank you in advance,


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I'm certainly not a gourmet cook, but I have used calphalon hard anodized for the last 8 years and am replacing it with Sam's Club's Members Mark tri-ply stainless set. I have a couple of individual non-stick pieces (large and small frying pans)and think those are the only pans that need to be non-stick. Most reviews I've read say that the all-clad (as opposed to All-Clad) type stainless are superior in cooking performance to the hard anodized. My complaint with my current set of hard anodized is that it definitely has acquired many pits and dents, and if you clean it per the instructions, after a while, the dark exterior tends to rub off, particularly around the edges and along the bottom. Some of my most well-used pans are basically silver on the bottom now. I'm assuming this is the aluminum, which I don't like cooking directly on, b/c it leeches into the food, so I'm told. Also, I have not found the hard-anodized frying pans to be non-stick for my purposes (eggs and such). To recap, I'd go with a good stainless set and pick up 1-2 pieces of non-stick separately. After reading some reviews about the non-stick, it seems that after time the non-stick surface starts to peel off, so I wouldn't want to invest in a whole set of it.

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The best pans for the home cook are either anodized aluminum or clad stainless steel. This has to do with conductivity of the metal.

Calphalon One makes a nonstick and a stick resistant. These are anodized aluminum and guaranteed for life. The advantage to anodized aluminum is that it provides the super conductivity of aluminum, is non-reactive because of the anodization process and is somewhat lighter than fully clad stainless. It cannot be cleaned in the DW however as the anodization is destroyed.

The nonstick is nonstick while the regular Calphalon One is not -- There have been extensive discussions on it and you would probably learn a lot by searching in this forum.

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Actually many considerations must be taken into account before you purchase. Type of stove, gas is best so we will not include that. Electric burners or glass top?
Enamel, Pyrex or corning, aluminum unless steel clad, cast iron(no-no) and coated copper will not work well and may damage your glass top.
I've owned a set of Calphalon for 11 years and have started to replace them singularly with Circulon, buying only those rated for over 500 degrees so they can go from glass top to oven fro special dishes. My mother and aunt came to visit me and i made the mistake of allowing them to clean up, s out came the steel wool(which I used only for wood working, and there went the non stick surface to a few of my best Calphalons-LOL I also had all non stick utensils they felt steel barbecue forks and tongs were better. I cant wait to hit 80-LOL
My decision was based on a very curt and condescending reply from Calphalons customer Service to inquire about re-coating or resurfacing? The Teflon spray do it yourself became illegal because criminals were spraying bullets to kill cops.
I am not displeased with my new Circulon pans. Very little temp variation, built like a battleship and cleans up with a simple rinse and wipe like a well season cast iron pan-oh the days of gas cooking...alas.

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As per user mqdsa - I cannot wait to get rid of my circulon. Still I'd like any advice about what to replace it with. I have an electic stove top. Thanks!

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