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cook12November 24, 2012

I just purchased a GE coil top range and the top is not level even though the rest of the stove is level. When you place a skillet on the big burner all the oil or liquid runs to the side of the pan. GE has sent out two replacement tops and they are all just as bad. Has anybody else had the same trouble. The stove is brand new. Is there another brand of stove that is any better. A smooth top is out of the question. I am sorry that I bought a new range and did not have my old 30 year old range fixed. I thought GE was supposed to be a good brand but now I realize that I was mistaken.

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Is it the whole top that is out of whack, or just the coils? My coil stoves have always had one or two burners that didn't sit quite flat and I just dealt with it (it is useful for draining fat out of ground meat without having to move the pan, haha). Based on my experience I think it's common for the coils to be just a little tilted, but if the whole top is off then maybe there is something wrong with the frame of your stove.

I think my mom's old coil top doesn't have leaning burners (can't remember for sure, haven't cooked on it in a very long time) but I don't know which brand it is. I had a 40-year-old Kenmore and also a new Kenmore coil and both had a burner that tilted -- but Kenmores are made by different companies and I don't know who made mine. My new Kenmore coil top cooked great, much better than the old one, so I hope you find a way to work with yours (or get it fixed if it's the stove itself).

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I agree it might be the coils, or else the stove was not leveled properly. Your kitchen may not be level, but installers should be able to level the stove.

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Its the whole top that is not level. the stove itself is level as we checked the oven and it is level. It is the whole top that is dish shaped which throws the burner level off. We have had four repair calls on it already. The one repairman said that all the tops that he has seen are bad. The other GE repairman said that we should not accept it as bad as it is. The last one said we will have to fight it out with the store that we bought it at.

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