Roasting Pan

chitownfifiApril 26, 2005

Anyone have a favorite roasting pan? How important is it to have a really good pan? Are the cheaper pans only clad on the bottom? Right now I only have glass bakers and need to add something larger/deeper.

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I am very happy with a caphlon roasting pan.

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I prefer an aluminum roaster from Bourgeat. Browns great for gravy. I had one non-stick from somewhere - didn't like.

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I agree with dklp about aluminum roasting pans. Ours is a Mauviel.

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I have an old oval aluminum roasting pan and an oblong aluminum one, as well. They were both my mom's and I love them. Meats brown beautifully and evenly and they are very easy to clean.. They have become discolored over the years but work just fine.

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I should have mentioned my Caphlon roasting pan is the hard anodized alum, not the non stick.

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Like mrsmarv we use cast Al roasters. For the once-a-year giant turkey we have the huge enamelware rosting pan.

For roasting, I think the thickness and material of the pan has almost nothing to do with the end quality of the recipe.

A V-shaped grill inside the pan really helps for stabilizing and lifting the meat. You can get them separately if not with the pan.

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I would consider a large Lodge cast iron fry pan. If you like to convection roast, I find that most roasting pans are too deep for convection roasting.

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I have one of those non-stick roasters and hate it. You can't use it for high heat roasting, so it's basically useless except for turkey ... something I haven't cooked in more than a year.

I use a cast iron ridged pan for roasting chickens. It's the perfect size! Cleanup can be a bit of a pain, though.

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Cladding is immaterial in a roasting pan since roasting relies on the circulation of warm air in the oven rather than on the pan itself.

Regarding the pan, really any nice sturdy pan with good handles is a good roasting pan.

I love my nonstick Calphalon as I used to hate scrubbing a roasting pan and now all that crud rinses off. I don't make gravy so I don't want to deglaze a pan and use all the burned on fat on the bottom.

My Calphalon is good up to 450 degrees and I don't roast anything at higher temperatures so it's fine for my purposes.

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In case anyone is in the market - I just bought what appears to be a pretty nice stainless one with v-rack at Costco for $35. I wanted a new shallow one with a rack so I can try convection roasting my Thanksgiving turkey this year. I've been reading and looking - including a review in latest Fine Cooking magazine with brands ranging from $100 to over $200 I think. Also saw some for around $50 at Linens N Things that didn't seem nearly as good as this one at Costco. Can't wait to give it a try!

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