You can't use a Walmart gift card to buy Sam's Club cookware

vincedeeApril 11, 2005

I just went to the Walmart in Concord, California, today and bought a gift card for $140. Then I went to the Sam's Club nearby to buy the "Member's Mark" TriPlyClad 11-piece cookware set that everyone is raving about. Unfortunately, I was told by the Sam's Club people that Sam's Club will NOT let non-members buy anything at Sam's Club, Walmart gift card or not. They told me I'd have to buy a $35 one-year membership in order to buy anything at Sam's. I was fortunate, however, in that I was able to talk some very nice folks who were shopping at Sam's at the time into "buying" the cookware for me, so I didn't have to buy the membership (I'm already a member of would have been redundant).

So, for those of you who are not members of Sam's Club, you will probably not be able to do the "nifty trick" that was mentioned at the following link:

BTW, we cooked with our new cookware tonight and it performed very nicely. It's also quite gorgeous.

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Sorry! I was told by the folks at Walmart customer service counter that I could use the giftcard at Sam's, and that I didn't need a membership.

If that is incorrect, there are still other ways around it...

Walmart sometimes has one-day Sam's Club coupons in their Walmart flyer, depending on where you live.

You can also buy one-day coupons off of ebay for a couple of dollars.

Or, do like you did and rely on the kindness of strangers to let you piggyback onto their membership to get rung up...

Or just go the internet resaler route and pay a bit more (~$170)

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Hi Anne_in_SF, I have seen your comments in various websites regarding stainless cookware recommendations and would like your advice on a few I'm considering. Member's Mark Tri-Ply, Costco's 5-ply by Kirkland (I don't think it's tri-ply or 5-ply up the sides) and another set from Costco, the Sitram Profisserie set. I'm moving away from Calphalon hard anodized to stainless and don't want to pay for All-clad or Demeyere. What are your thoughts if you're familiar with these sets? In terms of aesthetics, I like the look of the Kirklands set the best, but I'm looking for quality of materials and cooking performance, I cook a LOT.

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You can call customer serivce at Sam's Club to get a one day pass by calling 1-888-746-7726 and they will email you the pass.

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