Searching electric waffle maker but concerned about nonstick ...

homey_birdApril 11, 2011


As the subject of this post suggests, I'm searching for a belgian waffle maker. However, I do not want to purchase any waffle makers out there that have teflon or any other unhealthy coating on it.

The ones, non-stick coating notwithstanding, that I looked for were Calphalon and All-Clad. I went to Williams-Sonoma and chatted with them about the wafflers and the non stick coating and was told (emphatically if I may add), that --1. Teflon is a "cheap nonstick" and it's what causes cancer, and 2. All-Clad, since not cheap, has a safe nonstick material.

In another store, similar comments were received regarding Calphalon. Searching for the specifications, it's hard for me to find if the nonstick coating is indeed teflon or something else. Everyone just mentions "non stick" without being more specific.

Sure, the all clad waffler I saw did look like an enamel. But I want to find out, is this true?

Also, do the other ones like George Foreman etc. still use teflon based nonstick coating or do they use high quality nonstick surface that is safe for consumption?

Can someone clarify? Thanks in advance!

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Teflon coatings DO NOT CAUSE cancer and that is just a scare tactic used to sell other types of cookware. The digestive system CANNOT break down Teflon and if eaten will pass harmlessly through the digestive tract. However; I'm just a experienced chemist, what the heck do I know about chemical toxicity??

Better for others to answer your question than me.

Semper Fi-cus.

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If what you say is true, shame on WS and any other store that would use patently false scare tactics in order to sell their products.

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Thanks for the replies. I now need some feedback on the two waffle makers I mentioned; but I will start a new thread.

Thanks again!

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