all-clad ss individual or sets

slaingMarch 13, 2005

I am thinking about buying All-Clad SS pans. Should we get individual pans or buy a set?


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It really depends on your circumstances and cooking style.

Sets are a bargain only if you really want all the pieces and don't want to mix and match types of cookware.

I didn't go with a set because I couldn't find one that had every piece that I wanted and didn't have pieces that I didn't really want and/or wanted in a different type of cookware.

On the other hand, if you have absolutely no cookware, a set is a good idea of course.

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It is a matter of tatse and finances. We bought a set to start with, as it was less expensive and I had need for all of the pieces in the set. We then added to it as budget and needs allowed. I bought the SS, as I like the look and it goes in the DW. Later, I bought a non-stick skillet for cooking eggs.


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I wouldn't buy the set, because I don't like their frying pans (prefer cast iron), but I feel that I need several of their quart pans and some other favorite sizes. That said, the set price may be good enough that it doesn't matter. (Full disclosure: I bought the set and gave the frying pan away).

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