bean frencher

JamieMarch 7, 2006

I used to have a little one from the dollar store. Now I'm considering the crank ones that clamp to the countertop.

Can they be sharpened? I found some on line and emailed questions. The Burpee product support says theirs does not come apart for sharpening. Never having seen one up close and personal, I don't know if that means it's not sharpenable period. Here's the response I got about the NorPro from the CanningPantry online store:

"It does have screws, so while I'm not 100% sure, it does appear that it can be taken apart for sharpening."

Do you know? Maybe they never need sharpening?

I can't find a $1 anymore or I would never have gone to all this trouble. It was a 1-inch open square with some blades in the middle. The small ones online are about $3-5, and then there's shipping. And I suppose slicing 4 beans at a time would be less tedious than 1.

The green beans I have access to in the grocery stores around here are very tough; they really have to be sliced.

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I had a bean french cutter for years......never seemed to need sharpening any more than the blade on the peeler does.
Try Good Will and the Salvation Army for the old style bean cutter.
Linda C

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Thanks, lindac! It's good to know the blades don't get dull. I've been using the same potato peeler for 30 years, and I don't think it was new when I got it. So it looks like my options are wide open.

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Pssst!!! Guess what I found in my utensil drawer!!
Yep! A peeler with a bean cutter on the end!!!
I could be persuaded.......
Linda C

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Unbelievable! I can't even imagine what such a thing would look like.

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