Staub cast iron enameled French oven?!?!

tmac96March 9, 2005

I am new to this forum and have read SO much about LeCrueset, I now feel like I MUST have one! Unfortunately, getting a LeCrueset dutch oven is WAY x10 out of my price range. So I started to look for alternatives. I was browing the net and ran across a "Staub Basic Enameled Cast Iron 5qt French Oven w/Lid" for a mere $50. Is it comparable at all? If so, what is the catch?! Please help this newbie make a better informed decision.

Thanks so much for all of your help! You have been great!

Here is a link that might be useful: Staub French Oven on QVC

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Staub is a French equivalent of good cast iron, equal to Le Crueset but not as well known in the US. Buy it, that's a great price!

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If you want to realize this is the deal of the century, so a search of Staub and see the price of a 5 Qt covered dutch oven!!

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Is it $50 or $100. What does the two easy payments refer to? I know a lot of people love staub but I don't like the interior because it is like a Lodge cast iron pot which needs to be seasoned. Le Creuset has an interior finish like teflon but it is not and not dangerous like teflon.

Good luck!

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I actually did some research since my original post and found this product sold on other websites for WAY MORE, so yes eandhl, it does appear to be "the deal of the century"! It aired this afternoon on QVC and after watching the demo, I decided to pick it up! Apparently, many others did too! It came in four colors -- red, blue, green and yellow. The green sold out completely in less than 4 minutes. Out of the 3 previous airings of this product, all four colors sold out the first 2 airings and the green sold out the last airing also.

Homepro01 -- The Staub actually has the enamel finish both on the outside AND inside just as Le Creuset does. No need to season the interior at all! Regarding the "easy pay", that simply means that if you choose to, they will take the total payment and spread it out over two months -- kind of like "lay away" except you don't have to wait until you make the final payment. You get the product after your first payment. By the way, the total payment including tax and shipping was $60 and change. (I opted for easy pay so I paid $30 today and will pay the other $30 next month, but I get my pot via mail next week -- make sense?) For me, it was too good of a deal to pass up. QVC has an unconditional money back guarantee on all their products for 30 days, so I figure I will give it a good try and if I reallly dislike it, I can always send it back. Hope I don't have to!

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What's the difference between a Dutch oven and a French oven?

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Difference between Dutch oven and French?

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